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diy studded sweaterHi guys! I hope you are all getting a good start to 2014! I am just coming out of my Christmas coma and have been getting caught up on everything. Today I wanted to share this week’s upcycled sweater project. I am going to show you how easy it is to revamp an old sweater with metal studs. These studs are fun and easy to work with, and you can get them in several different shapes. I chose a mix of conical and square pyramid studs for my sweater in an antique brass color.


*Pull Over Sweater

*Metal studs with prongs on the bottom(it’s fun to use different shapes too)

*Jewelry Pliers (optional)

*Ruler (optional)



The first thing you need to do is decide on a design. I wanted rows that form down to a point from the shoulders.





I started off with the square pyramid studs. To attach the stud to your sweater, push the prongs through the front of your sweater and hold it in place while you turn the sweater so you can see the underside of the sweater and the prongs. Bend the prongs down towards the center. I had no problem using my fingers to push them down, but if your studs are difficult, then you can use a pair of jewelry pliers to bend the prongs down.


Start off with your first row of studs right below your shoulder seam. Space the studs out evenly. I made my first row to have eight studs. Then start your second row under the first and where the first gap between the studs is. Make your second row to be one less stud than your first stud, then your third row one less than that and so on until you only have one piece in your last row.  I alternated the square pyramid stud rows with the conical studs in rows. Add a few studs around the neck and then you are done.




You can really make this project your own by playing around with the patterns shapes and colors of your studs. I bought my studs at Joanns and with a coupon this sweater update only cost me a little over $6. It’s so easy and you can whip it up in under an hour too. So next time your cleaning out your closet, don’t toss that old sweater. Repurpose it into a fun new piece with just a little embellishment! I’ll be back next week with another sweater update. Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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3 Responses

  1. I love this! I bought some studs to add to a hoodie, but I think I’m going to have to buy a sweater to stud up, too!

  2. this is so cute and easy! i love it!

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