My Life in Pictures- January 9th

This past week has been busy! I’ve been working on sweaters for my January sweater month tutorials and getting as much time in with my sister as I can before she goes back to college this weekend. I’m really going to miss her! We have been hanging out, doing a little shopping, and watching old Disney movies. You’d think I’d have more fun photos this week, but as always they are mostly of Beau….

We took Beau to the dog park over the weekend, but there was no one to play with that day

Beau got to try out his new car booster seat this week. He can now see out the window. Best thing ever :)

Treat treat face…

One of the cutest tins I have seen in a while!

Noel’s favorite spot to warm up…

Me and my Hannah….

Sadie is SO loved!

Sadie went snooping through the trash looking for foodies and was attacked by a grocery bag…

Beaureguard has no shame….

Rub my tummy please!

Beau in a blanket…

Be back next week with more weekly photos.

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4 Responses

  1. Pat schwab

    Love the picture of you and your Hannah. My college daughter has the same name and spelling but people always wanted to drop the h at the end and spell it Hanna.

  2. Tiffany S.

    Beau is so handsome. We have Max, a Manchester Terrier/Italian greyhound mix. Since I’m not a knitter and can’t sew, do you know of any good online sources for greyhound body fleece jammies or sweaters? Unless a dog coat has Velcro, it never fits him right. Max is our first small dog and wow, he’s cold all the time. Thanks! Love your site to pieces.