DIY Faux Bois Craft Paper Wrapping

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Hi guys! I meant to share this with you all yesterday, but I was still testing things out. I love craft paper and use it every year in my holiday wrapping. I bought a huge roll a few years ago from a framing supply company, and have barely made a dent in the roll. I like using craft paper as my inexpensive base to be able to spend more on embellishments. This year I thought it may be fun to try and print a pattern on the craft paper. I am a big fan of faux bois, and have a wood grain rocker tool for painting. Originally I thought I may be able to use a stamp pad and saturate the rocker with it before dragging it across the paper, but alas, that was a fail. So, I ended up trying paint and glaze. Here’s the how-to:

What You Need:

*Craft Paper

*Gold Paint

*Martha Stewart Paint Glaze

*Wood Grain Rocker

*Paper Plate

*Large Brush


First, you need to mix your paint and glaze. Mix equal parts paint and glaze onto your paper plate. Next, mix the paint and glaze thoroughly. Lay out your paper in a long sheet on a protected hard flat surface. Paint the glaze onto your paper quickly. Hold down the top of the paper with one hand and hold the rocker in your other hand. Then, drag the rocker from the top to the bottom of the paper firmly, in long rocking motions. Then drag the rocker down the paper again right next to the first run. repeat and continue all the way across the paper to the end. Let the paper dry thoroughly before using it to wrap your gifts.

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I think the wrapping turned out to be pretty cute! It is more subtle than I had originally wanted it to be, but I still like it. If you have a wood grain rocker, definitely give this one a try! Play around and have fun! Create your own custom gift wrap for your holiday gifts this year. You’ll have a blast!

Happy Crafting!

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