DIY Five Minute Upcycled Pet Snood or Dickie

Hi guys! Welcome to day seven of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts. Today I am going to show you how to make these super simple pet snoods. We have Italian greyhounds, which is a breed that gets cold so easily. Beau and Sadie have quite a collection of sweaters which we usually break out once it hits below seventy outside. When the days get really chilly Sadie’s little ears turn into icicles. She just shakes and shakes. I have seen beautiful hand knit snoods for little dogs on Pinterest, but I do not know how to knit, so I thought I’d do the next best thing and upcycle a sweater.

All you need is a sweater, scissors, and a sewing machine(Or a needle and thread.) You need to measure your dogs neck, and test fit the sleeve to make sure it fits around their face. Cut the sleeve of your sweater to be the length of your dog’s neck plus a couple of inches. Turn the sleeve piece inside out. Turn up the bottom of the sleeve where you cut it, turn it up about half an inch and sew it down to form the hem of the snood. Stitch the hem all the way around the bottom, back stitch at the ends, and then clip excess threads. And that’s it.

Sadie seems to love her new snood! It keeps her neck and her little ears nice and toasty. I made one for Beau too, he doesn’t like his around his face and will shake it down so it sits around his neck like a dickie in his sweater. So, if you have a little pooch that get’s über cold in the winter, make them a little snood for Christmas. Or if you have a super laid back kitty who would like a fashionable neck warmer, you make one for them too. This project is super fast! It takes about five minutes to make, and you can find sweaters at your thrift store for under five dollars. It’s a fast fun project, and I hope my fellow little dog mommies and daddies will give this one a try! I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun handmade gift tutorial. Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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7 Responses

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  2. What a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing it.

  3. Hi –hope you don’t mind but I just linked to this post on my FB, as I have a friend with a spaniel with Syringomyelia and who needs very soft, loose snoods. Thanks! — Cass.

  4. Excited to see this…just this week i decided to look for a cover for our schnauzer to wear on winter walks so her ears would stay warm…so doing this!