DIY Christmas Hanging Terrariums

Hi guys! Welcome to day twelve and the last day of my 12 Days of Christmas crafting! Today I am going to show you how to make these fun little hanging holiday terrariums! I found these awesome hanging terrariums at Michaels on sale months ago and thought it would be so fun to make Christmas terrariums this year with some of my vintage minis. These little gems are really fast and easy to make and look so fun hanging under my shelves!

Here’s What You Need:

*Small Hanging Glass Terrariums

*Styrofoam Ball

*Craft Knife

*Christmas Minis like santa, deer, bottle brush trees

*Hot glue

*Diamond Dust Glitter



The first thing you need to do is cut a slice of foam to fit your terrarium bottle. Take your ball and cut it in half. Then slice a sliver about a half inch thick. Trim your slice down around the edges until it fits inside the bottom of your terrarium. Repeat with any additional terrariums you have. Next, heat up your glue gun, and lay out your little scene of minis. Once you have a layout you like, glue your minis down to your foam. Next, insert your foam piece with the scene on it into the terrarium and centered in the bottom of the terrarium. Now, spoon the diamond dust into the terrarium over the bottom and the scene until you have enough to cover the bottom and around the foam. Now cut a long length of skinny ribbon. Loop it through the loop in the top of the terrarium and bring it up so that the ends meet. Tie a knot around the bottom where the terrarium loop is , then loop and knot the ribbon up near the top. To finish your jar off, tie a little bow around the top of the terrarium. Now you are ready to hang.

I love how these little winter scenes turned out. I love design elements that hang! They make me so happy, it’s a little sad really. If you love the look of the terrarium, but don’t want to hang it, sit it on a shelf. Or you can make it into an ornament. I found This sweet deer terrarium ornament from Emily and Erick over at Hello Home on Craftgawker last week. The possibilities are endless! I hope you all have enjoyed my 12 Days of Christmas Crafting! I will be back next week with some handmade gift tutorials. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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10 Responses

  1. Is the glitter in the bottom just sitting loose or is it glued in somehow and if so, how?

    • Hi Avil, I have it just loose inside. I did not want to glue anything down to the glass so that I can use the terrariums for other seasons too.

      • Ah ok. I’ve been planning on making my own and have everything ready but the glitter and wondering how to keep it stuck down without making a gluey lump. All I habe found so far are loose glitter which makes it awkward when giving them as gifts. Thanks for replying.

        • If you are still planning on doing these as gifts, you can always glue everything down and include the glitter in a baggie so it doesn’t get sloshed everywhere. Just a thought :)

          • I started and it was looking a bit odd with this measly layer of glitter so I had to change track and have done a layer of glutter then added some polystyrene (by cutting a side off a polystyrene ball) and placing that in on top. My model railway trees now get inserted into the polystyrene and then glitter over that so it looks like a nice chunky glitter dome without it spilling everwhere (they will be gifts so this is important). Next in goes the lego men (as seen on another blog but it had no instructions so thank you for yours and the polystyrene idea). I’m switching the hot glue for an acrylic glue that I have so not to burn my fingers or melt it. Nit finished yet but so far its working well.

  2. […] heat up your glue gun, and lay out your little scene of minis. Finish the terrarium reading the tutorial here and enjoy! Source: mysocalledcraftylife3 seconds ago Kate 0 comments More about Christmas, […]

  3. Cynthia

    Love these-thanks for the tutorial! Can you give a source for the glass terrariums?