DIY Upcycled Vintage Tablecloth Christmas Blanket

Hi everyone! Welcome to day eleven of my 12 Days of Christmas crafting! Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite projects I have made this season, my vintage christmas tablecloth blanket. Some of you who know me, know that I have a weakness for linens, especially tablecloths. Most of the time the ones I pick up are stained and hole ridden, which I love because I get to cut them up and use them in my sewing projects. Every once in a while I find a tablecloth that is in good condition and I cannot bring myself to cut them. I cannot however use them on my table because my cats destroy anything that is up there. So, I usually turn them into duvet covers for my down comforter. I found this sweet Christmas tablecloth at a steal of $6 a few months ago. I had originally planned on making it into a duvet. One day a few weeks later I was at Target, and I saw this gorgeous green fluffy blanket in the kid’s section. When I noticed it was a queen size I had to have it. And since I needed an excuse in my head to buy it, I thought I would make it into a coverlet for my bed using the Christmas tablecloth I had. This blanket was fun to make and it was so much easier and faster to whip up than a duvet. So here is another way to use a vintage tablecloth in your bedding!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

*Large Ric Rac (Measure around your cloth to determine how much you need)

*Soft Blanket in the size of your bed (mine was a queen)

*Straight Pins

*Sewing Machine and Thread


*Marking chalk

*Quilting ruler


The first thing you need to do is iron your cloth. Stitch the ric rac trim onto the underside of the tablecloth so that half of it sticks out and you are stitching down the middle. Stitch it all the way around. Iron your cloth again if needed. Lay your blanket out onto the floor and smooth it out. Measure the dimensions of the blanket and measure the dimensions of your cloth. My blanket was 91″x94″, and my cloth was 56″x72″. Subtract the tablecloth dimensions from the blanket dimensions (91-56=35, 94-72=22) and then divide that number in half (35/2=17.5, 22/2=11). So I measured in 11″ on the top and bottom and 17.5″ on each side of my blanket. Lay your cloth out in to fit the marked areas and smooth it out nicely on top of the blanket. Pin the cloth to the blanket all the way around the cloth. Next, top stitch all the way around the tablecloth where it is pinned to the blanket. back-stitch and clip excess threads. And that’s it, easy right!

This blanket is fantastically soft and it looks so darned cute on my bed! I am so in love with it! There are so many amazing Christmas tablecloths out there, you could really create something extra amazing with the right cloth and trim. I am going to have to do this again sometime. It combines two of my favorite things, vintage tablecloths and fuzzy blankets! I hope you guys will give it a try sometime! I’ll be back tomorrow to share my newest Turkey day craft. Until then…

Happy Crafting!


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5 Responses

  1. Peggy Hendrick

    Great idea…I have a few that are square..meant, I guess, for card tables to dress them up…I see vintage handkerchiefs all over the place too…any ideas that you could post in the future?
    thanks for your inspiration.

    • I am actually making a vintage hanky patchwork duvet cover for my bed. When I have it finished I will probably post it on the blog. You could certainly use square tablecloths as well on a blanket. I would have used a smaller square one I had, but the greens didn’t match. I am sure I’ll be crafting with tablecloths more in the future as well. I just adore them :)