Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

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Hi guys! Welcome to day nine of my 12 Days of Christmas crafting! Today I am so excited to share my little christmas village with you all! Vintage putz houses are one of my most swooned over Christmas items! I love them, but I have never been able to score a set that was both affordable on my budget and still in great shape. The last couple of years my mom and I have planned on making our own putz style houses, but the holidays got busy fast, and we never ended up with the time. This year I just had to give it a go. My mom found a site that had a couple of templates with a midcentury modern home style, Retro Renovation. This site is a fantastic resource for mid century style home renovations.

Here’s What You Need:

*Original tutorials and patterns from Retro Renovation

*Ranch House 1 Here

*A Frame House Here

*Ranch House 3 Here

*And they just added a new one,  split level house 4 Here

*Chipboard (cereal boxes, cracker box, etc)


*Xacto Knife

*Self Healing Mat

*Pencil and Transfer Paper for marking


*Paint (I like Martha Stewart Brand craft paint)


*Decoupage Medium for adding the glitter to the house

*Candy Sticks for extra beams

*Foil Paper for doors

*Mini Bottle brush trees

*Holiday miniatures


*White Felt

*Hot Glue


You can find the full tutorials and the templates over at Retro Renovation Here. I was overjoyed to find their holiday posts for Kate’s mid century putz houses. There were three templates to choose from, and I ended up using the two ranch style houses. I changed mine up a little by changing up the window designs on some of them. You can just draw the outlines of the house and draw in your own windows on your chipboard. I also extended the roof pieces on a couple of them and added lollipop sticks for some side beams and a little car port on one. These did take quite a bit of time, but they were totally worth it, and I had such a blast! The best part is that they were really inexpensive to make, so I was able to create a whole neighborhood.

I absolutely LOVE my little neighborhood! Be sure to check out the tutorials from Retro renovation to make your own neighborhood. I hope some of you guys will give this a go this holiday season! You will just love making them! I’ll be back next week with more holiday fun! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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8 Responses

  1. Ashlee – These are seriously adorable! Love the look and a village is perfect. Looks like you did a bang-up job on the houses and decor.

    I’ve always wanted to do a Victorian Christmas village since we live in a Victorian neighborhood.That’ll probably never happen but I can dream!

  2. These are FANTASTIC! Only thing I love more than putz is MCM. You’ve made my day.

  3. Kathleen Vintage Eye

    Wicked cute! Fabulous project!

  4. Very Cute! Of course, I need one more thing to get involved with during the holidays…maybe I will save this to work on in July!

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