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Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

04 DSC 00671 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

01 DSC 0063 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

03 DSC 0065 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

02 DSC 0064 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

08 DSC 0076 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

07 DSC 0077 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

Hi guys! Welcome to day nine of my 12 Days of Christmas crafting! Today I am so excited to share my little christmas village with you all! Vintage putz houses are one of my most swooned over Christmas items! I love them, but I have never been able to score a set that was both affordable on my budget and still in great shape. The last couple of years my mom and I have planned on making our own putz style houses, but the holidays got busy fast, and we never ended up with the time. This year I just had to give it a go. My mom found a site that had a couple of templates with a midcentury modern home style, Retro Renovation. This site is a fantastic resource for mid century style home renovations.

Here’s What You Need:

*Original tutorials and patterns from Retro Renovation

*Ranch House 1 Here

*A Frame House Here

*Ranch House 3 Here

*And they just added a new one,  split level house 4 Here

*Chipboard (cereal boxes, cracker box, etc)


*Xacto Knife

*Self Healing Mat

*Pencil and Transfer Paper for marking


*Paint (I like Martha Stewart Brand craft paint)


*Decoupage Medium for adding the glitter to the house

*Candy Sticks for extra beams

*Foil Paper for doors

*Mini Bottle brush trees

*Holiday miniatures


*White Felt

*Hot Glue


You can find the full tutorials and the templates over at Retro Renovation Here. I was overjoyed to find their holiday posts for Kate’s mid century putz houses. There were three templates to choose from, and I ended up using the two ranch style houses. I changed mine up a little by changing up the window designs on some of them. You can just draw the outlines of the house and draw in your own windows on your chipboard. I also extended the roof pieces on a couple of them and added lollipop sticks for some side beams and a little car port on one. These did take quite a bit of time, but they were totally worth it, and I had such a blast! The best part is that they were really inexpensive to make, so I was able to create a whole neighborhood.

05 DSC 0068 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

06 DSC 0072 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

09 DSC 0074 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

10 DSC 0073 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

11 DSC 0070 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

12 DSC 0082 Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

I absolutely LOVE my little neighborhood! Be sure to check out the tutorials from Retro renovation to make your own neighborhood. I hope some of you guys will give this a go this holiday season! You will just love making them! I’ll be back next week with more holiday fun! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

8 Thoughts on “Midcentury Modern Putz Style Houses

  1. Ashlee – These are seriously adorable! Love the look and a village is perfect. Looks like you did a bang-up job on the houses and decor.

    I’ve always wanted to do a Victorian Christmas village since we live in a Victorian neighborhood.That’ll probably never happen but I can dream!

  2. These are FANTASTIC! Only thing I love more than putz is MCM. You’ve made my day.

  3. Kathleen Vintage Eye on 7 December, 2013 at 10:40 am said:

    Wicked cute! Fabulous project!

  4. Very Cute! Of course, I need one more thing to get involved with during the holidays…maybe I will save this to work on in July!

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