DIY Vintage Wrapping Paper Wrapped House Night Light

Hi guys! Welcome to day four of my 12 Days of Christmas! Today I am going to share with how to make this fun little night-light. I love little Christmas houses, and am in the middle of making a whole little neighborhood of vintage retro style houses. A while back I found this paper mache house box at Michaels and picked it up thinking I’d use it for storage. The other day I discovered that one of my favorite Christmas night lights is broken. So I thought I would make this fun house box into a little night-light for the bedside table. This project was easy and fun! And, you only need a few supplies.

Here’s What You Need:

*Paper Mache House Box

*Heavy Duty Craft Knife or xacto

*Hot Glue gun and glue sticks

*Vintage Wrapping Paper

*Decoupage Medium in Matte

*Vintage Christmas card (optional)

*Craft Paint (I used Martha Stewart Paints- Pearl White for the roof, Satin White for priming and the interior, Satin Green for the front door, and Gloss Red for the windows)

*Martha Stewart Dot Cap for Paint

*Snowy Glitter (Diamond Dust)

*Yellow Cellophane (Like a gift basket bag)

*Battery Operated Candle

*Mini Bottle Brush Wreath



The first thing you need to do is draw in the windows and the door. Cut out with a heavy-duty craft knife. The box is thick and hard to cut so be careful if you are using an xacto. Heat up your hot glue gun. Starting on the top of the roofline draw wavy lines with the hot glue. Make sure your glue lines match up at the sides of the roof and the front and back. When the glue is cool and hardened, paint over the glue on the roof with the pearl paint. You may need a couple of coats. Next, you need to do is prime your box. Paint the whole box white. Now you are ready to decoupage the house. Measure and cut pieces for each side of your house leaving a little extra for the top and bottom. Try to cut the pieces so your patterns will match well. Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium on the back side of your paper and the front side of the box. Lay the paper on the box and smooth out. Smooth top and bottom around the top and bottom of the box. Cut an x and glue the window pieces to the inside of the box. Now if you have any cute figures on a christmas card, cut them out and decoupage to the house where you want. Next, paint the front door and the windows. Cut pieces of the cellophane a little bigger than your windows. Glue two together then glue to the back side of the windows. Next outline the windows with the red gloss paint fitted with a dot cap. Draw in the glass panes as well and add a door knob. While your paint is drying, paint a layer of decoupage medium onto your roof and sprinkle with the snowy glitter. When your house is all dry, insert a battery operated candle inside the box and close the lid.

I LOVE my little house! It is the perfect size for my side table and it puts out a soft warm flickery glow. It is super festive and cute! I hope some of you will give this diy a try. You’ll love it! I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun Christmas DIY! Until then…

Happy Crafting!


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6 Responses

  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog just now :-) This is such a cute idea!

  2. I love this! Where did you get the paper house?

  3. This looks like a perfect night light for the holidays. Thanks for posting.