DIY Mini Apothecary Jar Necklaces

Hi guys! Are you excited? Halloween is this week! I am looking forward to the holiday! We don’t have trick or treaters in our neighborhood, so Daryl and I don’t do candy. But we do carve pumpkins and do a mini marathon of Tim Burton films. He is one of my favorite directors! Today I am going to show you how to make these fun mini apothecary bottle necklaces. These are really easy and so fun to wear!

Here’s What You Need:

*Mini Bottles- I bought mine at Michaels


*Decoupage Medium or Clear Top Coat

*Lazertran Transfer Paper

*Mini Screw Eyes


*Printable- From The Graphics Fairy Here


The first thing you need to do is resize your printable. In photo editing software such as Photoshop elements scale down your printable so that the size of the images is under an inch. I use the selection and move tools to move the specific images to a new page and then scale and move the image down. If you have your rulers up you can use them as a guide and make your images different sizes for different bottles. Print out your images according to the directions on the lazertran package. Let your transfers dry for a while and then cut them out. Clean your glass. Get a bowl of tap water. Drop your transfer into the water. It will curl. Once it uncurls, or about thirty seconds later, remove it from the water. Carefully lift the transfer off of the backing paper and smooth down onto your glass bottle. Repeat this process with any other bottles. Let them dry completely. Now, when they are dry, paint on a top coat or decoupage medium to seal the image. Then twist a screw eye into the center of the cork cap. String the bottle on a chain.  Add glitter, liquid, whatever you like to your jars and you are ready to wear!

*Another Process: If you do not want to use the transfer paper you can use Martha Stewart Decoupage medium. Print your images out on paper. Then you can decoupage them onto your bottles and seal with more of the medium.


I LOVE these little necklaces! They are so fun to wear! The Graphics Fairy’s printable is so fantastic! It totally gives the bottles a spooky vintage look! These necklaces are really easy to make! They would be a fun craft to make with your children, or make them at your Halloween party! I hope some of you all will give them a try! You’ll love em’! I’ll be back Thursday with more Halloween fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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14 Responses

  1. This is really cute and gave me a great idea for a gift to make my daughter. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Oh these are fabulous! How clever! I’m putting this on the halloween must-do list!

  3. This are so cool. I actually have a few of these bottles, so I may have to do some last-minute Halloween crafting today.

    In all my crafting adventures, how have I not heard of Lazertran paper. Must check that out.

  4. These are super cute! You could also simply print the images onto sticker paper and adhere it the bottles without mod podge or a transfer medium. It would definitely speed up the process if you’re making a lot of these for favors or are crunched for time.

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  8. so cute love it just maybe I will have to improvise on somethings

  9. Jennifer Smith

    What do you use to seal the corks in place? I have a niece that would love these, but dont want her to be able to open them.

    • Sorry for the delayed response Jennifer! I didn’t use glue on mine, but you could easily just use a little bit of jewelry glue on the cork before you plug it in the bottle.