DIY Creepy and Cute Wooden Bead Spiders

Hi guys! Today I am going to share a really easy Halloween project with you all, Wooden Bead Spiders. These little spiders are so easy to make! All you need is a few supplies, and they whip up quickly! They make a fun addition to your Halloween decorations too!

Here’s What You Need:

*Wooden Beads and Large Wooden Balls

*Black Wire, I used 16 and 20 gauge I believe

*Black Paint and brush

*White Sharpie Paint

*Micron Pen or Fine Point Sharpie

*Hot Glue

*Craft Pliers

*Drill and 1/8″  or smaller bit


The first thing you need to do is drill the holes for the legs in the large balls. Mark where you want the legs in the middle of the ball on the left and right. Then drill into the ball where the arks are just about a half-inch or so. Make a hole for each leg on the large spiders. Next you need to paint all of your beads and balls black. Let your paint dry. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, draw in white circles for the eyes. Once the white pen dries, draw in black dots for the pupils of the eyes. Make sure you make your eyes to be going the right direction across the body and not up and down. So make sure when you are making the eyes that the holes for the legs are on the side. To make the legs, cut three length of wire at two inches each for the small spiders. Cut the larger spiders legs at 5″ each at six legs. Bend the wire at a right angle for the feet, then bend about half way at a right angle. Place a dab of glue into each hole on both sides  in the side of the large spiders and load in the legs. Adjust and bend the legs as needed for the spider to stand right. For the small spiders, grab the three pieces of wire for your spider. Slide the bead onto the three strands of wire and center it so it lies in the middle. Hold the bead and bend the wire down on each end to make the legs. Add glue to the hole of the bead an each side and spread out the legs. Then when the glue dries, bend the feet at the bottom and trim if you need to. And you are finished.

I think these little guys are just too funny! They look so cute hanging out with my other Halloween decorations! I love Halloween decor that is more cute and less scary. These little spiders do the trick for me. My mom and I made these together, and we made the lot in an afternoon including drying time. These are so easy, and they would be a fun weeknight craft, or a craft to do with your kids. I’ll be back tomorrow with more Halloween fun! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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