Scaredey Cat Plushie and Free Pattern

Hi guys! This week I am so excited to be sharing an entire week’s worth of Halloween DIY projects! I am going to kick off the week with my funny little black Halloween Kitty plush. This little kitty is easy to make! You can whip one up in under an hour too!

Here’s What You Need:

*Black Fleece(I used a third of a yard on two)

*Striped Tee Shirt or Striped Knit Fabric (I used about a half of a tank top on two kitties)

*Scrap Fabric Pieces for Ears

*Felt, Red and White

*Large Safety Eyes

*Sewing Machine

*Black Thread, and White Thread


*Hand sewing Needle and Thread


*These patterns print out to a full 8.5×11 size paper


First you need to cut out your pattern pieces. Cut your body pieces and ear pieces from the black fleece. Cut the eyes and the teeth out of the white felt. Cut the mouth and the nose from the red felt. Cut the ear accent pieces from your scrap fabrics. To cut the arms and legs, cut eight lengths of the knit in strips that are 1.5″ wide by 12-18″ long. You can decide how long you wish your arms and legs to be. Cut your arms to be shorter than the legs. Lay your leg pieces right sides together and stitch all the way around curving the seam at the bottom and leaving the top open for turning. Do this with the remaining leg and the two remaining arms. Trim the seam allowance down a little and turn the legs and arms right side out. Now you need to stitch the ears. Lay the back of the ear and the accent piece right sides together. Stitch around the ear leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out. Repeat with the other ear. Now you need to stitch the face. I lost my pins the day I was making the kitty, so there are none in my pics, but I recommend using them. Pin the mouth down to the body centered in the middle and close to the bottom. Stitch down the mouth with your white thread. Next Pin and top stitch down the teeth and the nose. Change your thread to black. Stitch down the eyes, going around a couple of times to make the design a little wonky and funny. To stitch the teeth, start in the middle and stitch a line straight down from the top of the white felt to the bottom, then back stitch the line to make it more prominent and bold. Then move the piece over a little and stitch the next line at an angle. I would stitch forward a few stitches and then back stitch and then stitch forward and then back stitch until I went from the top to the bottom. Repeat every half-inch or so until you reach the right side of the teeth. Then go back to the middle and then stitch lines for the teeth going towards the left side until you reach the end of the left side. Clip all the excess threads. Starting in the middle of the left end of the teeth start to stitch and back stitch making your way from one corner of the mouth to the other to form the toothy grin. Clip the excess threads. Now, decide where you want the pupils on the eye and mark. Cut a small slit in the eye and push the plastic eye through, then push the washer on the back until it tightly sandwiches in the fabric. To add the ears, fold the right side inwards a little, then pin the ears down to the body of the kitty facing inwards towards the mouth and so the back of the ear is facing up. Stay stitch down to the head. Repeat with the other ear. Then stay stitch the arms and legs to the body where you like, making sure they are all pointing inwards towards the center of the body. Now, tuck the arms and legs all the way inside the body area, and make sure the ears are tucked in too. Pin the back body piece to the front piece all the way around, sandwiching in all the limbs. Start stitching a little over from the bottom middle of the body, and stitch all the way around with a half-inch seam allowance, leaving a couple of inches for turning right side out at the bottom. Pull the body right side out through the hole in the bottom. Now stuff the kitty with your polyfill. When your cat is stuffed and the desired level of squishiness, you are read to close it up. Whip stitch the bottom closed by hand with a needle and black thread. Knot the end, then trim the excess thread and you are finished. Yay!

I LOVE my little kitties! I made two, one for my home, and one to give my sister Hannah. She loves black cats, and plushies! This little guy was so easy to make, and I made both of these little sweeties in about an hour. I hope some of you will make one of these kitties for Halloween this year. Make one for your kids, yourself, or just to sit on your sofa! I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun Halloween DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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