DIY Sweet Stencil Etched Glasses


Hi guys! Today I am going to share a project with you that has been on my crafty bucket list for years, etched glasses. This is a diy that always seemed so hard to me, but once I tried it, let me tell you it is easy peasy! I was in Michael’s a few weeks back and I saw her glass etching cream and decided it was time for me to give this whole glass etching thing a try. I had found some beautiful blue glasses on sale at Anthropologie that were waiting to be decorated as well as a couple of milk bottle like jars that I picked up at Ikea, and they both turned out to be so cute etched!

Here’s What You Need:


*Martha Stewart Etching Cream (The kit comes with a brush and you can find it at Michaels)

*Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils (Find them at Michaels)


The first thing you need to do is clean your glasses. Once they are clean, decide on your stencil designs and carefully adhere them to your glass. Smooth out any bubbles and make sure they are good and stuck nicely to the glass. Apply a thick layer of etching cream with the brush onto your open areas of your stencils. Set aside for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse off the cream with running water in the sink. Peel off the stencils and rinse the glass again. If you need to repeat any designs dry off your stencil and then reapply the stencil next to the first part of the pattern, apply etching cream, wait 15 or 20 and then rinse again. Dry off your glasses. Clean them with soap and water and then they are ready to use.

I had such a great time making these glasses! They were so easy to make and the stencil designs were so cute that it really made my cups look even more beautiful. The etching doesn’t show up as prominently on the blue glasses as the clear ones, but they are still really cool! This would be such a great way to customize glassware for parties, make fun candle holders, or fun bakeware! I am definitely going to have to make some special glassware for christmas gifts this year! I hope you all will give this diy a try, you’ll love how easy it is! I’ll be back Thursday with another fun DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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