DIY Vintage Wallpaper Heart Garland


As many of you know by now, I have a weakness for vintage wallpaper! I LOVE the prints and textures! I have a ton of scraps in my stash and have been thinking of something fun to do with some of the scraps that were a little too small to really do much with. So, I decided to make this fun and easy sewn paper garland. I have seen other paper garlands all over the place for a while now on places like Pinterest and Martha The basic how-to is always the same, you just stitch paper with a sewing machine. Here is how I made mine:

What You Need:

*Wallpaper Scraps

*Heart Punch

*Sewing Machine



The first thing you need to do is grab all of your supplies and gather your scraps that you will use. Take your heart punch and punch out pieces from your wallpaper scraps. You can keep these all random in pattern or you can separate your patterns into piles so you can either choose as you go, or layout a specific pattern for your garland. Once you have your hearts punched you are ready to sew. Take two hearts and match them up wrong sides together. Start your garland off with a long thread tail from the machine. Lay your stacked hearts under the presser foot a little before the needle and stitch down the middle of the heart. Grab another two hearts, stack them and stitch them down right next to the previous heart you just stitched through. Repeat with more hearts until you have a strand long enough to your liking. After stitching your last heart, run a long thread for the end of the garland and snip the thread off from the machine where you want the tail to end.

I LOVE how simple and fast this garland was to make up! It is super sweet and dainty! I also love how customizable this garland can be. You can make these with any type of paper and use any shape punch you like. I hope some of you all will give this one a go sometime with some vintage scraps of your own! It’s a great way to add a little whimsy to your decor! I’ll be back Thursday with another fun DIY! Until then…

Happy Crafting!


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