I Heart Etsy Fridays- Blue Raspberry Designs

Happy Friday everyone! Growing up, I was never into Barbies or dolls. I loved my stuffed animals, and had a ton of them!  I am still head over heels for plushies to this day.So, today I am really excited to share one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops with you, Blue Raspberry Designs. Valentina Felce, the fantastic artist behind the shop, creates the most amazingly adorable and unique soft toys! Each softie is handmade and hand painted. They are delightfully whimsical and quirky. My favorites are Valentina’s tattooed guys and gals! The faces are brimming with personality, but it is the incredibly intricate tattoo designs each doll is given that just blows me away. One of these little guys is definitely going to be on my Christmas list this year! Here are just a few of my favorites from Blue Raspberry Designs:

Aren’t they all just amazing! I just don’t think I can pick a favorite! To see more of Valentina’s fantastic work, check out her shop, Blue Raspberry Designs, on Etsy Here. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest. I’ll be back next Friday with another fun Etsy shop. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Happy Shopping!

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