DIY Blind Box Toy Party Bunting

Blind box toys are one of my favorite things! I can’t help myself and any time I come across some I have to buy one. For those of you who aren’t familiar with blind box toys they are small vinyl or plastic toy figures that come in a series. They come packaged in a box and are random, so you never know which one you will get when you pick up a box. A couple of years ago my sister and I were really into collecting the Kid Robot artist series Dunny. The body style on these looks similar to a bunny and each one in each series was designed by an artist. Naturally when you are collecting these toys, you are bound to get doubles of certain designs that are more common. Hannah and I ended up with quite a few doubles. Some of them we repurposed into jewelry, but a bunch were still lying around. So, when I was making things to decorate Hannah’s graduation party, I thought it would be fun to make a garland using some of extra blind box toys that we could hang from the chandelier and then she can take to college with her. Of course you could use any kind of toy or plastic figurine in place of the Dunnies. Use whatever you or your children love or find nostalgic.

Here’s What You Need:

*Plastic toys (I used Dunnies from Kid Robot)

*Mini Teddy Bears ( I bought mine here)

*Large Plastic Bow Beads (I bought mine here)

*Colored Chain

*Head Pins


*Large Jump Rings

*Small screw eyes

*Jewelry Pliers


Cut a length of chain the length you want. If your chain is not long enough attach strands together at the ends to make a larger chain. Mark the center of your plastic toys and twist screw eye into the head. If your plastic is really hard you can drill a pilot hole with a bit that is slightly smaller than the width of your screw. Now, open up the first link of your chain and insert the loop of the toy’s screw eye then close up the link with the pliers. Add another toy to the other end of your chain. Then add more toys every foot with jump rings. In the middle of the chain between the toys add a teddy with a jump ring. To make the bows, put a small bead like a seed bead onto an eye pin. Then slide a plastic bow on top and then top off with another decorative bead. ┬áSnip the wire short to about 1/2″ or so above the top bead. Bend the wire over and then loop it around to form a loop and back down the┬átop of the top bead. Open up the loop and then attach the bow to the chain. Add bows in between the toys and the bears. Once you have attached all of your doo-dads to the chain you are ready to hang your bunting.

Isn’t this bunting fun! I can tell you it is a blast to make! I love that it gave a funky touch to Hannah’s party and that it is special and nostalgic to her and she will be decorating her dorm with it soon. You can of course use any type of toy or beads to this jewelry chain garland. It is totally customizable. I hope some of you will give this one a try for your favorite little gal or fella, or to funk up the decor at your next gathering! I’ll be back Thursday with another fun project! Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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2 Responses

  1. Del Marie Riley

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen those before. But they sure do make a cute decoration. This would be fun to do with all those toys from kids meals. I find those all the time at the thrift store.