DIY Upcycled Record Medallions

As many of you know by now, I am an avid record collector. I LOVE vintage vinyl and I love to craft with vintage records that are either scratched or super cheesy. A few weeks ago I snatched up a large lot of vintage 45’s at the flea market. The one’s I loved I have kept for my collection, and then decided to use a few from the craft pile to make these fun record medallions for Hannah’s graduation party. I haven’t made these in years, but recently came across some large ones on pinterest and thought I should give these a go again. They are really simple to make, and fun! You can find all kinds of tutorials for them on pinterest and the web. Here is my version…

Here’s What You Need:

*Old Records 45 size

*Posterboard from the dollar store or cardstock



*Hot Glue

*Vintage Milk Caps (Find them on Etsy)

*Twine or String (optional)

*Scrapbook paper

*2″ Scallop Punch


The first thing you want to do is measure and cut your paper. For the large size(Blue) I cut strips that  were 6″ wide, for the medium size(red) I cut 5″ strips and for the small medallions(yellow) I cut strips that were 4.5″ wide. Now you are ready to fold your paper. Take one end and fold it over a little. Crease it, flip the paper over and fold over the other way the same width. Repeat the folds back and forth until you get to the end. It should look like an accordion. Fold all of your paper strips in this way. Now take one strip and glue a second strip to the first making sure that the strips are glued together so the folds match and make one seamless strip. Squeeze the bottom of the strips together and pull the top around to form a circle. You may need to cut your strip down to have a better tighter circle. For my blue medallion I believe I used one and three-quarter strips glued together. Now glue the ends of the strips together and you will have the round pleated part of your medallion. Now run a generous amount of glue to the backside of your record. Glue the record down to the paper medallion. Punch a 2″ scallop from your scrapbook paper. Now, squeeze a bit of glue in the center of your medallion and glue down your punched circle. Then glue down a milk cap in the center. If you would like to hang your medallion from a string, glue a long piece of twine at the center top of the medallion on the back.

These medallions are so easy to make and they are fantastic decor! These fun pieces are great to decorate for parties or make a collage for kid’s or teen’s bedrooms. You can easily customize them by changing up the papers to match your decor. The best thing about these medallions is that they are pretty cheap to make too and you can fill up an area with just a few. This is a great project to do with friends, your kids, or for parties.  I hope some of you will give this project a try. You’ll love it! I’ll be back next week with more fun party crafts. Until then…..

Happy Crafting!

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