DIY Vintage Wooden Fishing Lure Keychain for Dad

Hi guys! Gosh, today went by so fast! I am really excited to share this project with you all tonight, vintage fishing lure key chains! These are so adorable, and they are so easy to make! You can make these fun key chains in about ten minutes. Not bad eh? There are so many awesome wooden lures out there. I bought mine on Ebay, which has a nice selection. I have also seen quite a few on Etsy recently as well. They are not only simple to create, they are fun too!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Wooden Fishing Lure

*Jewelry Pliers


*Eye pins and head pins or wire

*Key Rings


These are so incredibly simple to make! If you have ever tried your hand at jewelry crafts, this will be a breeze. The first thing you need to do is open up the eye loops and remove any hooks that are on the lure. Next, assemble your beads. I used tiny beads for the accent hooks, and larger beads for the main wire that will attach the lure to the key chain. Use the head pins for the accent loops and loop the wire around the eye. Use the eye pin for the main wire. Attach the eye of the eye pin to the eye loop on the top or bottom of your lure. Load up your beads onto the eye pin. Loop the wire around and loop it through the clip that is attached to your key ring. Now you are ready to load up your keys on your new key chain. Enjoy!

Aren’t they so fun! These are sooo darn easy to craft, and if you aren’t as attached to vintage as I am you can find replica lures pretty cheap. These would be a great little gift for any guy, and would be perfect for Father’s Day! I hope I have inspired some of you to give this simple project a try. You’ll love it! I’ll be back Thursday with another fun project for Father’s Day! Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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