DIY Vintage Wallpaper Letters

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you have all had an amazing week! Today I am going to share with you a fun DIY you can do with vintage wallpaper. These little letters are so sweet and they are so fast and easy to make! You can whip up a few in less than an hour!

Here’s What You Need:

*Paper Mache Letters (small or medium)

*Matte Mod Podge

*Vintage wallpaper (large scraps will work)



*Craft Paint


The first thing you need to do is paint your letters. Once your letters are dry, you are ready to add the wallpaper. Trace the letter with your pen on the wrong side of the vintage wallpaper. Now cut out the letter a little on the inside of the marked lines so that the paper will fit but you will still see some of the edge of the painted letter. Lay your paper letter on top of the mache letter to test fit. Now, paint a layer of the matte mod podge onto the backside of the paper letter. Flip the letter over and apply the mod podge side down onto the top of the painted letter. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles and make sure the whole paper has good contact with the letter. Now seal the letter by painting a layer of mod podge on top. Let the letter dry, and you are finished! Pretty easy right?

These little letters are so sweet, I just love them! I used my initial and Daryl’s initial. I even made one for Beaureguard. Vintage wallpaper is easy to find on Etsy and the prints are just amazing! You can totally customize these little letters to fit your decor. They would be sweet in a babies room, or spell out a word you like and display it in your favorite space. The possibilities are endless! I’ll be back again next week with more fun projects! Until then….

Happy Crafting!


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7 Responses

  1. I absolutely love your site! And enjoy getting updates on what projects you are working on.
    I am mum to two retired greys, Cleo and Finn and am actually working on promoting the rainwear and turtleneck warmers for hounds that I make for them.
    You’ve really inspired me and hope I can offer what you have so well accomplished. Keep up the terrific work!
    Barbara, Cleo & Finn…

    • Thank you so much Barbara! You just made my day! I would love to see your work. Do you have a website? Site hounds are just the best, aren’t they!

  2. I find that your ideas of do-it-yourself are really Great!
    I do not very well speak English because my language is French,
    See you soon on my blog or on your blog

  3. They look so cute! I want one too 😀

  4. martha

    hi, could you also use normal glue as it would dry clear as well? thanks :)

    • I think that regular craft glue would work if you thin it down a little with water and brush it onto the wallpaper. I have never used glue to seal the outside, so I couldn’t say whether or not that would work. If you do use the glue, let me know how it worked for you, I’d love to know :)