DIY Vintage Inspired Little Deer Lamp

Hello there! I am really excited to share this diy with you guys today! I have been wanting to make this little lamp for some time now. Now that it is finished, I am happy to say that it was really fun and surprisingly easy. You can find everything you need except the deer at your local craft store. The deer is vintage, and you can usually find sweet ceramic tchotskies at your local flea market, or browsing through etsy and ebay. The best part about this lamp is it is soooo much fun to make!

Here’s What You Need:

*Lighted Branch (Small)

*Paper Mache Clay like fast mache ( found with the clay at your local craft store)

*Wooden Plaque

*Dried Moss

*Hot Glue and hot glue gun

*Paper Flowers, spun mushrooms, etc…

*Vintage woodland ceramic animal like a deer or bunny…



First, paint your wooden plaque. Once the plaque is dry you are ready to make the hill. So mix up your fast mache clay according to the directions. I ended up using the whole box for mine. adding a little at a time, mold the clay into a hill shape on top of your wooden plaque. Smooth it over the best you can and flatten the area a little where you are going to glue your ceramic animal. Take your finger and poke a hole where you want to glue the tree branch. I made sure that I could set a couple of inches of the branch into the hole when it would be dry. Let your fast mache dry completely. Once your hill is dry, heat up your glue gun. I glued down some moss around the hole where the tree was going to go first. Put a generous amount of hot glue into the hole you made in the hill for the branch. Insert your lighted branch into the glue and hold straight until the glue sets up. This takes maybe a minute. Now tear off pieces of moss and glue down to your hill. Cover the hill completely will moss pieces. Glue down your ceramic animal where you like best. Glue down a few flowers at the base of the tree and by your animal. Once you are done embellishing with the flowers, fan out the wire branches of the tree, and then you are finished. Plug the lamp in and enjoy.

I LOVE my little deer lamp! It was really easy to make and it is going to be sooo darned cute in my bedroom! You could make this totally unique by adding your favorite paper flowers, and a sweet vintage ceramic of your choice. Even a plastic deer would be sweet! The best thing about this lamp is the twinkling of the lights when the lamp is lit. It is dreamy! I hope I have inspired some of you to give this one a try! You’ll have a blast!

Happy Crafting!

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3 Responses

  1. LAURA S

    That little deer is precious! Where do you come up with such cute ideas? So fun!!

  2. This is so super sweet :)