Spring Recipe- Strawberry Yum Yum Cake

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Hello there! Today I am going to share one of my favorite new spring dessert recipes with you all. This is my version of strawberry shortcake. I had lunch a few weeks ago at Whole Foods and had a slice of their strawberry cake. It was so delicious! I went back a few days later for another slice, but they were all out. Not wanting to spend over twenty dollars on a cake, I decided to try and make one similar myself.


*Butter Yellow Recipe Cake Mix




*Cooking Spray

*Strawberries 2 pints


*Heavy Whipping Cream


Cook your yellow cake according to the directions on the box. You will add the water, sugar, butter, and eggs to the cake mix and beat with a blender for a few minutes. Spray two round cake pans 8″ or 9″ with cooking spray and pour in batter. Bake according to the time on the box. Once your cake is done you will cool it in the pan for a minute and then turn it out of the pan and cool completely. While your cake is cooling cut up 2/3 of your strawberries into thin slices. Slice the remaining third of the strawberries into halves. Put them into separate bowls and sprinkle with sugar and a little water. Cover and refrigerate. You can cut your strawberries ahead of time and let them chill overnight. They are extra good that way. I was impatient and wanted my cake to be ready that particular day, so my strawberries only chilled for an hour or two. In a large mixing bowl pour in some heavy whipping cream. Whip the cream with beaters on medium to medium high. I added my sugar to taste once the cream set up a little. Sometimes whipped cream recipes can be too sweet. I like to be able to control the sweetness. You can add a touch of vanilla to your whip cream as well. Once your cream is whipped to a stiff super light frosting consistency you are ready to assemble your cake. Place your bottom layer of the butter cake on a large plate. “Frost” your layer with a generous amount of whip cream. Add a little extra on the top of the cake for the middle to be nice and full. Now take your sliced strawberries and evenly distribute them over the top of the layer. Place the other layer of cake on top of the first layering the strawberries and whip cream in the middle. Now, spread a thick layer of whip cream frosting over the top and around the sides of the cake. Once you have your cake frosted with your whip cream, you are ready to add your remaining strawberries. Finish off the cake by gently placing the remaining strawberry halves to the side of the cake all the way around at the bottom. Garnish with a few mint sprigs and a strawberry on top if you like, or add a cute cake bunting.

I love how my cake turned out! It is the perfect spring desert. This is not the healthiest cake in the world, but it could be a lot more calorie laden. I think the whip cream and strawberries make it light and airy, and the buttery cake is smooth and moist. This is definitely going to be my go to spring and summer party desert. Everyone here loved it! I hope some of you will try this little recipe out too!

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