DIY Vintage Spoon Curtain Tie Backs

As many of you know by now, I love to repurpose all kinds of things! It seems like every week I am at the thrift store or flea market at least once. I recently came across a set of mismatched spoons, and thought they would be fun to repurpose. I have made a few projects in the past with silverware like wall hooks and these garden markers. This week I decided that it would be fun to make some curtain tie backs. This project is so fun and fast to make!

Here’s What You Need:

*Old silverware


*Anvil or hard flat surface in which to flatten your silverware

*Pipe, dowel or anvil to bend silverware around

*Pliers and a blowtorch (optional, and only if you are super careful!)

*Buffing wheel or a dremmel fitted with a buffing wheel

*Vintage cabochons, flowers, etc…




My husband like to heat up the spoon with a blowtorch before he hammers it because it is much faster and easier. However, if you are going to use a blowtorch you need to be extra careful. A blowtorch can burn the ever livin’ patootie out of your skin! Clamp the bottom of the spoon with the pliers and carefully heat up the top with the blowtorch. Now hold the spoon down on your anvil or flat surface, still gripping the bottom with the pliers, and hammer the spoon flat. If your spoon has been heated drop it in some water You can skip heating it with a torch and just hammer the spoon onto the anvil cold, it just takes a bit more hammering. Once you have flattened the spoon you can shine it up with a buffer or a dremmel fitted with a buffing bit. Next, drill a couple of holes in the handle of the spoon close to the end with a bit large enough to fit your screws through. Now you are ready to bend your spoon. Place the spoon over the point of your anvil or over the pipe or dowel. Start bending the stem of the spoon about half an inch down from the spoon head. Bend the head of the spoon backwards towards the design on the handle until you have a nice u-shape. Now glue on your cabachon or other decoration with the e-6000 and let it dry overnight.  And now you are ready to attach it to your wall. I attached mine to the window casing and added a few ceramic salt and pepper shaker tassels. If you would like to make your own salt shaker tassel you can find the tutorial in the volume 1 number 1 back issue of Inspired Ideas which you can find on my friend Amy’s site Here.

I love how these sweet tie backs turned out! They were so easy to make. I may just have to make more for the other windows in the house. You could even make some with forks. I love how you can customize the tie back with different cabachons and decorations to suit your space. Hanging a tassel on the tie back is super sweet too! I hope some of you will give this one a try. But definitely be super careful if you should decide to use a blowtorch! Hope you all have a very happy and safe Wednesday!

Happy Crafting!

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9 Responses

  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  2. Laura S.

    Super Sweet!!

  3. Christina

    This is absolutely adorable!!

  4. OMG what a cute idea! I love the curtains too but my favorite is the vintage reindeer tassels! I would LOVE to make something like that! Too cute :)

  5. Billie

    I LOVE your spoon tie-backs and the salt and pepper tassels! I went to Walmart to buy larger serving spoons, but I can’t get them to flatten out. I tried heating them over a candle (I don’t have a blow torch) but it just made a lot of noise. I think an anvil definitely would help as I think the wood I was pounding on was just too soft a base. But I will try this idea again and take them to my dad’s house where there is access to better tools and more muscle, lol! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you Billie! Yeah if you have a strong spoon, you really need an anvil and a blowtorch will really get them hot enough that they flatten easily. Just be super careful :) Hope you have fun!