DIY Spring Peter Pan Collar from Vintage Sheets


Bonjour mes amis! I hope you are all having a wonderful day today! My parents are out of town this week, so my little sister is staying with me at my house. Hannah has just turned 18 and will soon be leaving the nest for college, so any extra time I get with her is a pleasure! I had made these little collars last week for Easter, not feeling very sure they were going to work since I was fresh out of interfacing. But to my pleasant surprise they turned out to be pretty darn cute! So I thought I would share them with you all today. There is a fee pattern below. I even got my little birdie to model for me (even though it was pretty cold outside!)

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Sheets or fabric








*Sewing Machine


*print to 8.5×11


First cut out your fabric, two of the main and two of the lining. Staystitch your ric rac trim down to the right side of your top collar pieces as close to the edge as possible. Now lay your lining pieces on top of your main pieces making sure the right sides of the fabric are towards the inside. Pin all the way around the collar pieces. Now, starting at the skinny end of the collar stitch around the collar with a quarter inch seam allowance. Stitch all the way around, leaving the skinny back open for turning. Poke the collar pieces right side out through the opening in the back of the pieces. I used a pencil. Smooth the pieces out and iron them nice and flat. Turn your raw edges on the ends to the inside. Slide a piece of ribbon in each end and stitch the opening closed encasing the end of the ribbon. Stitch close to the edge. Next, with a needle and thread, hand stitch the center front top corners together with a button. I overlapped my collar tops a tiny bit and stitched them in place a couple of stitches before stitching the button. Clip any loose threads and now you have a sweet vintage-esque detachable collar.

I have always LOVED peter pan collars! I wore them a lot when I was little, and to this day you can find a few here and there in my closet. I have seen all of the lovely peter pan collar necklaces floating around on pinterest. I absolutely loved the idea of making a detachable collar out of vintage sheets that would go with my favorite cardigans (another one of my weaknesses.) I love how my collars turned out! These were really fast to whip up and are really fun to make! They would be so easy to customize as well by the prints of fabric you use or the trims. I hope some of you will give this one a try, you’ll love it! If you do make one, drop me a line!

Happy Crafting!

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3 Responses

  1. Sooo adorable, love it.
    I hope you don’t mind I link you in my sewing blog.
    Ana :)

  2. Zombina

    Love this!