DIY Sweet Vintage Easter Dioramas

Easter is just brimming with sweetness! When I think of Easter, or spring for that matter, I think bunnies, baby chicks, and everything blooming. It is just a lovely time of year! Back during the Christmas holiday I made some boxes with vintage christmas cards, which you can see here. I thought it would be fun to make some for Easter to decorate the sunroom. I recently saw these fun little magnetic storage jars at Michaels. I thought they would make sweet little dioramas to go on the fridge or my magnetic board in my office. These were all so much fun to make!

Here’s What You Need:

*Wood Boxes

*Magnetic Storage Jars

*Vintage Cards, ephemera

*Paper flowers, fake flowers

*Chenille Easter Chicks

*Air dry clay

*Green glitter

*Scrapbook paper

*Craft glue or rubber cement

*Hot Glue

*Pipe Cleaners


To make the larger wood boxes you can follow my tutorial for my holiday boxes here. I painted a layer of glitter mod podge onto the boxes as a top coat to make them sparkle, and added rub on words on the glass fronts. The first thing you want to do for the magnetic jar dioramas is paper the inside. First, roll a scrap of scrapbook paper and fit into the jar. If it overlaps a lot you can trim the excess. You want the paper to overlap about a half an inch or so.  With a pen, draw around the top edge of the jar on the paper all the way around and trim your paper down to size. This is the piece for the sidewall. To make the bottom or back of the jar, trace the jar onto a scrap piece and cut out a little inside the line so it will fit nicely. Glue the circular piece to the bottom of the jar. Glue the long piece around the inside wall of the jar smoothing down and overlapping at the bottom a little. Now you are ready to make the grass. Warm up some clay in your hand. Try to mold it in your hand to look like a crescent or half moon shape. Fit into the bottom of your jar, and mold and press it into the bottom so it it smooth and flat on the top. You can add more clay if you need to, or take some away. You can make the clay thick or thin. Let it dry for the amount of time it says on the package. Once your clay is dry you are ready to glitter. Brush a layer of glue onto the clay and shake glitter onto the whole area. Tap off excess onto a paper plate or piece of paper. Now glue in your little figures, cut outs, paper flowers, etc in your little jars with hot glue. If you have pieces with picks, or wire on the bottom you can cut them a little short and stick them into the clay before it dries. I did this with the jar with the paper ducky. The little wire stems were put into the clay before it dried. To finish off cut a pipe cleaner to fit around the lid of your jar. Hot glue the pipe cleaner around the jar lid and then put the lid on your jar. And tada, now you have a little magnetic diorama.

I think these turned out super sweet! They make a cute addition to your Easter decor, or even just for spring. You can really get as creative as you want and make these as vintage or modern as you like depending on the materials and images you use. I used a mix of vintage and new materials. These were a blast to make! They would be perfect for a craft night or party with your favorite crafty friends or even your children! They would be sweet gifts too. I hope I have inspired some of you all to give this one a try. You’ll love it!

Happy Crafting!

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  2. Too cute…pinning and tweeting! xoxo

  3. so cute! and posing with bambi- extra cute!

  4. where did you get the deer? is it vintage?