Sweet Vintage Wallpaper Covered Mats

Vintage wallpaper is so fantastic! I adore the patterns, the colors, and the texture of it. There are so many amazing prints! The floral and kitchen prints are my favorite, but I also adore novelty and children’s wallpaper as well. Today I’m going to show you how to customize a simple mat with a scrap of vintage wallpaper.

Here’s What You Need:

*Cut Mat Board or chipboard cut to the size you need

*Large Vintage Wallpaper Scraps

*Xacto knife

*Rubber Cement or Double stick tape

*Photo or art for mat



The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. If you do not have a pre-cut mat, you can easily make one out of cardboard. For example if you need a mat to fit a 3×5 photo for a 5×7 frame you would cut the outside dimensions at 5×7 and the inside would be a little less than 3×5 to be able to tape your pic in, and would have a 2″ border. Now, trace your outside dimensions on your wallpaper scrap. Cut out the paper. Now, trace the inside opening onto the scrap. With another scrap of paper or a ruler, line up the top left and bottom right and draw a diagonal line through the middle of the opening marks. Then do the same thing with the other side so that you end up with a large x inside the opening mark. Cut along the x mark with your xacto to each corner so you end up with four flaps in the middle of your paper. Now you can either place tape or rubber cement to the mat. Carefully lay the paper over the mat and once you have it lined up properly you can secure it down to the mat. Flip the mat over and place tape or glue on the flaps. Then, pull and secure each flap down and over the back of the opening and secure down. Now your mat is finished. Tape in your favorite pic, and slip into your frame. Enjoy!


I think these mats are super cute! They add an extra vintage charm to some of my favorite old family photos. I used wallpaper pages from a vintage wallpaper book, but you can find some amazing vintage wallpaper scraps from Fondly Vintage Here. There are so many lovely and fun prints out there, it makes it so easy to customize your mats. These would make great gifts too! I hope some of you all will try this diy out, you will totally love it! It is so fun and easy!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Omg, this is absolutelly gorgeous. LOVE! 😉