Upcycled Record Earring Organizer

Thrifting is something I have enjoyed for over half of my life now! One of my favorite items that I’m always picking up is old records. I started collecting them with my grandfather when I was a teenager. I have a small collection of records from some of my favorite artists like the Beatles and old hollywood musicals like Funny Face that I absolutely treasure. Some of them have been handed down to me from my mom, and some have been found sifting through the dollar record bins at the local thrift stores. Every time I’m at my local Goodwill I always come home with some more records. I LOVE to craft with the scratched and funny ones! I have made bowls, and coasters. Most recently I decided to make a jewelry organizer for my baby sister(who just turned 18 this week) for her growing collection of lovely earrings. It was really easy and fun to make!

What You Need:

*Record Bowl ( you can find a great tutorial here)

*Small 45 record

*Drill with a small drill bit 1/16 or slightly larger

*Plastic wine glass

*Little figurines (I bought mine from this shop)

*Single poker chip

*Pipe cleaner, yarn, ribbon, etc…




The first thing you want to do is make your record bowl. Check out this tutorial. Drill holes as close to the edge of your 45, about a 1/2 inch apart all the way around the record. In the picture my hubby is using his drill press, you can also use a drill and put your record on a surface you can drill through to like a block of scrap wood. Once you have your holes drilled you are ready to assemble. First glue one of your figures down onto the center of the bowl piece. Now, run a bead of glue around your rim of your wine glass. Glue the wine glass upside down onto the middle of your bowl, encasing the figure inside the glass. Now run a bead of glue onto the edge of the bottom of the glass and glue down your 45 to the bottom stem of the glass making sure to keep the record centered and even. Glue the poker chip on top of the hole in your 45. Now glue the second figure onto the poker chip in the middle of the 45. You can add embellishments if you like. I added a sparkly pipe cleaner to the bottom of the glass where it met the bowl. Once you are done glueing and embellishing, you are ready to hang your earrings and enjoy!

My sister was so thrilled to get this fun little organizer this week as one of her bday gifts! She is a BIG music fan, and has a growing obsession with earrings! I do believe they are her favorite fashion accessory. The great thing is that since the bottom is a bowl it can serve as a catch all for other jewels as well as your earrings. This little organizer was so easy to make! I just loved making it, it was sooo much fun! I hope I have inspired some of you all to give this one a try, you’ll have a blast! Until next time…

Happy Crafting!

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6 Responses

  1. Adorable. Thanks so much for sharing. Had to pin it. Hope mine comes out 1/2 as cute. Guess I’ll have to buy some records I don’t mind using.

  2. Wow! Such a great idea..I LOVE this :)