14 Days of Love- Chickens in Love

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to day ten of my 14 Days of Love special. Today I have a pattern and tutorial for these sweet little lovey dovey felt chickens. I have always loved birds, but I am fast becoming a chicken lady. There’s nothing like looking out the window and seeing my gals tail up pecking in the yard. They are fantastic pets, and they warm my heart. My little felt hen and rooster are easy to assemble with fabric glue, although you could sew them instead if you have the time. I really enjoyed making these little guys! They whip up pretty fast too.

Here’s What You Need:

*Felt (2-3 colors)


*Embroidery Floss


*Thick gauge wire

*Fabric Glue

*Wire Tinsel Garland

*Pipe Cleaners

*1/4″ Dowel


*Ribbon, trim, embellishments…


The first thing you need to do is cut out all of your pattern pieces. Draw in or embroider the eyes on the front head pieces. Now on the wrong side of the front head piece glue on the comb, waddle, and beak down facing out. Now glue the wing onto the front body piece. Next cut a long strip of wire and bend it in half loosely. Glue the wire into the back body where you want your legs to be. Glue a couple of feathers onto the back body tail end. Then put a generous amount of glue onto the back body piece over the wire and the feather ends too and glue the top body to the back body. Now add glue to the back head piece, and glue the body down onto the back head piece. Add more glue to the head and glue the top head to the back sandwiching in the body. Now you are ready to add the chickens to the dowel. I painted my dowel with regular craft paint. Once it dries lay out your hen and rooster where you like. I tried to make mine look like they were kissing. Wrap the wire around the dowel three times and then snip to about 1/2 inch or so and wrap around the leg at the bottom. Now twist three pipe cleaners together. Lay it out over the chickens and their perch and clip the excess pipe cleaner off. Now wrap the wire heart tinsel around the pipe cleaners leaving about an inch and a half on each end. Wrap this excess wire from the tinsel around each end of the dowel so the chickens are framed below the dome of the tinsel  wrapped pipe cleaner. Embellish with little hearts, flowers, etc. Now loop a length of ribbon and tie a few inches from the top for hanging.


I really like my little hen and rooster. They look like they love each other, don’t they? You could make these as little birds as well if you leave off the comb and waddle pieces. You can also change up the look by using different color felts, and embellishments. I think these little chickens would look so sweet hanging from a window or on a door. You could also use them as a mobile and hang over a crib or bed for your little one. I hope you all enjoy this free pattern! Be sure to tune in next week for more Valentine’s fun, including a giveaway. Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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2 Responses

  1. That is so adorable! I love how you did their heads. I wish I had time to try one of these this year – super cute.