14 Days of Love- DIY Sweetheart Cake Bunting and Picks

Welcome to day eight of my 14 Days of Love Special. Today I am going to show you how to make this sweet cake bunting and party picks. You all know how much I love buntings! And who wouldn’t love one of these sweeties to liven up their Valentine’s desserts! These are super easy to do and only require a few inexpensive supplies. The best thing about this easy project is you can make the bunting and picks in under half an hour!

Here’s What You Need:

*Patterned Paper/ Scrapbook paper

*Heart Punch (You can also draw your hearts and cut them out with scissors if you don’t want to get a punch)

*Double Stick Tape


*Ribbon(mine was 1/4″ wide)

*Bamboo Skewers



These really could not get any easier! The first thing you do is punch out a bunch of hearts. Keep your patterns separated if you are going for a specific design repeat like I did. You will need a front and back to create one heart. So, if you want your bunting to have a strand of nine hearts, you would punch eighteen. For the bunting you first want to cut a length of twine. Now put a piece of double stick tape on the wrong side of a heart. Lay your twine in the middle of the heart on top of the tape. Now cover the bottom heart with a top heart, sandwiching the twine in between the two. You want to have the wrong sides of the paper facing in and taped up with the twine, and the right sides facing out. Once you have a line long enough you are ready to tie. My top strand I made to be seven hearts across, the bottom strand is nine hearts across. Tie a knot after the last heart on each side. Now split the twine strands in half and untwist until you have two separate strands. Tie one side onto one of your skewers about an inch from the top. Then tie the other side to the other skewer about an inch from the top. You can use one strand, or you can tie another strand of hearts on like you did the first. Snip excess threads. Now tie a little ribbon onto each side where you tied the heart strands. Your cake bunting is now finished. The picks are easy too! All you do is sandwich a toothpick in between two hearts with some double stick tape. It’s just like the bunting, but instead of twine in the middle you have a toothpick for each heart. Easy peasy!

This little bunting is just too sweet! And the picks turned out pretty cute as well! These will be a fantastic addition to my Valentine’s day goodies! These are so quick to make up, they would be great for a party! You can change up the feel of these really easily too by just using different patterns of scrapbook paper. So fun, right! I hope you all will try them, you won’t regret it! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another sweet Valentine’s Day project! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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