14 Days of Love- DIY Stitched Valentines

Hi Everyone! Welcome to day five of my 14 Days of Love! Today I have some fun valentine’s for you! I absolutely love vintage valentines! They are so cute! I love finding new and fun ways to use them too. So, I took some of my vintage cards, and also some digital files I have accumulated over the years and made fabric from spoonflower that has little circles of digital collaged valentine images. The fabric is cute on its own, but the circles make fantastic little patches that you can use to sew on whatever you like. I made them into Valentine’s to share with my family.

Here’s What You Need:

*Fabric( you can find mine Here)

*Blank Note Cards

*Thread and sewing machine

*Washi Tape and scissors

You can find my spoonflower fabric Here. The circles on my fabric are 3″ round when cut out. The first thing I did was cut out my patches. I did some leaving a little white space around them, and others where I cut flush to the edge. I like it both ways. Once you have your patches all cut out you are ready to sew. Center your patch where you like it on the front of your card. I believe my card size was 5×7. I did them horizontally, but you could do either way. Hold the patch firmly in place on top of your open card. Now, stitch around the patch with your sewing machine and snip excess thread. Now you can embellish with washi tape if you like. I added washi borders to the top and bottom of my cards. To get a nice smooth line at the ends, snip off excess with scissors. Now you can add your own message and they are ready to go.

I think these little valentines are very sweet! You could even hand stitch them if you like. You can use my fabric, make your own at Spoonflower, or even use cute prints cut out in the shape of hearts, etc. Whatever strikes your fancy. These little valentines will each be getting a hand written note, and delivered to my family for Valentine’s Day this year. You should give these a try yourself! They are so fun and really easy to make! Be sure to tune in on Monday for more Valentine’s fun! Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Crafting!

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