14 Days of Love- Valentine’s Yarn Wreath


Hello Everyone! Welcome to day four of my 14 Days of Love Valentine’s Special! Today I am going to share my Valentine’s wreath with you. I have always been head over heels for yarn wreathes! I love the texture of them! I made one back in the fall, which you can see Here, and had a great time making it! I have had these little fluffy white dog vintage salt and pepper shakers for a while now, and have been wanting to incorporate them into a wreath. So, I thought they would be perfect for a Valentine’s wreath since they are so cute and lovey dovey looking. I found that I enjoyed making this one even more than my previous wreath!

Here’s What You Need:

*Straw Wreath Form

*Yarn about 2 skeins

*Felt Flowers

*Valentine heart picks

*Wood cut out plaque

*Pipe Cleaners

*Tinsel Heart Wire (not exactly sure what this stuff is called)

*Vintage salt and pepper shakers, millenary birds, etc…

*Hot Glue



To view more detailed instructions on the process of a yarn wrapped wreath visit my first wreath tutorial here. Start by wrapping your wreath form completely in yarn and tie off the ends or glue them down. To make the platform for your figures you first need to drill a couple of tiny holes with your smallest drill bit into the top on each side for the pipe cleaner you will put in later. Now prime and paint your platform. I sealed mine with matte modge podge. Let dry. Glue your choice of figures onto the middle of the platform. Take two pipe cleaners and twist together at the ends to make one longer pipe cleaner. Insert the pipe cleaner into one side of the platform, then bend it around and trim the end to where you want it. Now, take the pipe cleaner and wrap the wired tinsel around it, then insert both ends into the holes in your platform making a nice rounded shape over your figures. Now put a generous of hot glue onto the bottom of your platform and glue into place in the bottom curve of your wreath. Arrange your flowers and heart picks in the way you like best, then glue them all down to your wreath covering any gaps between the platform and the wreath form. Tie a length of ribbon to the top of your wreath and hang.

I absolutely LOVE how this wreath turned out! I may just have to keep it around inside throughout the year somewhere. These wreathes are quite a bit of work, but in the end they are well worth the effort. You can use other things than vintage salt and pepper shakers too. Birds would be really sweet too, or maybe a hand stitched felt creature.  I hope I have inspired some of you to give this one a try. You will seriously have a blast! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another fun valentine DIY! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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2 Responses

  1. I love your wreath…..the vintage dogs are right up my alley :) I made a Valentines wreath with pom poms and a vintage doe-eyed deer …I made it last year and it had a little heart banner going across it but I misplaced it…..I think I want to add a little more to it…Thank you for sharing :)