14 Days of Love- Tutu Tassel Garland

Hi Everyone! Welcome to day 3 of my 14 Days of Love special! Today I have a super fun and easy DIY project for you, tutu garland. As some of you already know by now, I love garlands and buntings! I do at least one every season and on every holiday. For valentine’s day I wanted to make something sweet and airy. I have seen tassel garlands all over pinterest this past summer, and had originally thought of making one of those. Then I found this lovely tulle in spools at Papermart the other day and instantly knew it would make a fantastic garland!

Here’s What You Need:

*Tulle in spools of 6″ wide in your color choices

*Twine or Yarn

*Scissors and a Ruler

*Embroidery Floss

*Large eyed sewing needle


To make the tutu tassels you first want to cut the tulle ribbon in strips. I cut my tulle into 9″ long strips. It takes three strips of tulle to make one tutu tassel. So if you wanted to make a strand that has five red tassels, you would cut fifteen strips. Once you have cut all of the strips you wish to use you are ready to make your tassel. Lay out one piece of tulle on a flat surface, then stack the second skewed one way and the third skewed the other direction. Pinch all three layers as close to the center as you can with your fingers. Let the tulle layers drop and pinch the middle into a point. Tie embroidery floss of the same color as the tulle around the top of your tassel and knot it leaving a tail. Now wrap the top of the tassel several times and tie off with the tail of the first knot. Snip excess threads. Once you have made all the little tassles you want you are ready to string them. Cut a piece of twine however long you wish your garland to be. I think I made mine about 6-7 feet long. Thread one end of your twine with your large eyed needle. Now, insert the needle into the top of the tassel above the floss and pull it through until the tassel is near the end of the twine. Tie a knot around the tassel to keep it in place. Now repeat with the remaining tassels. You can string them all in a continuous row, or you can space them out by knotting around the tassel by looping and pulling the needle through to form a knot around the tassel as you go. Finish off the end with a knot and remove the needle. Now you are ready to hang your garland.


I LOVE how this turned out! I wasn’t sure if it was going to work well, but I have to say I think it is just lovely! This garland is so sweet and feminine. It is a perfect touch to add to your valentine decor. It would be fantastic for weddings too!  I hope some of you will give this one a try. It is really fun to make! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more valentine fun! Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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12 Responses

  1. missanubis

    Too lovely!

  2. frann watson

    great project for me to do with my 4 year old great granddauther ballerina……

  3. How sweet and it looks like it’d come together really quick. I might put some of these together to brighten up my wedding reception.

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