14 Days of Love- DIY Finial Photo Holders

Hey everyone! I had planned on starting this holiday series yesterday, but I just couldn’t get to it. So, today I will be posting two tutorials, yay! For the next couple of weeks I will be posting a new DIY every weekday until Valentine’s Day.  My first project to kick off the series is Finial Photo Holders. This project is really fast and easy! And all you need is a few inexpensive supplies.

Here’s What You Need:

*Wood Finials from the hardware store

*Colored thick gauge wire


*Modge Podge or other sealer


*Channel Lock Pliers

*Wire Cutters

*Round nose or needle nose pliers


The first thing you want to do is remove the screw from the bottom of the wood finials. Lock onto the screw with your channel lock pliers and twist counterclockwise until the screw comes out. Now, with a skinny drill bit ( I used 1/16th inch) drill into the center of the top of the finial for inserting your wire. Prime your finials with white craft paint, and then paint your finials as you like them.I like to mix patterns like stripes and polka dots with solids and hearts. When your paint is dry, paint on a coat of sealer. I used modge podge matte. Now you are ready to add the wire. Cut a length of wire that is a little longer than your finial. bend your wire a little less than half way down at a 45 degree angle. Now, bend your wire around back towards the bottom to make the left side of the heart. Bend your wire back up and then bend around your pliers to make the second half of the top of the heart. Bend your wire around at an angle meeting and completing your heart shape at the bottom. Now, bend your wire back around a second time matching your first heart shape so that it matches and sits directly behind the first heart. Snip any excess wire from the heart end and then insert the bottom into the hole in the top you drilled earlier. Slide a photo or card in between the wire heart clip and you are finished.

These photo finials were really fun and easy to make! You can use them to display pictures, your favorite valentines, notes, or even a small calendar page. I love how sweet they look on a shelf all grouped together! The best thing about this project is that it is so easy to customize to your style just by varying the paint and wire colors. They would make fabulous gifts too! So go ahead and make one for your valentine this year!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. this is genius, what a great idea!