Warm and Cozy DIY Blanket Round Up

I have a total addiction to blankets! Not just in the winter either. I have a throw blanket in almost every room in the house, and use them all the time. I have been wanting to give quilting and crocheting a try so I can start making some of my own. There are so many fantastic blanket and quilt tutorials and patterns on the web! Here are a few of my absolute favorites:

Check out this awesome repurposed Felted Sweater diy Blanket from Recovergirl Here

Check out this lovely DIY Luxurious Wool Blanket from The Purl Bee Here

Check out this fantastic DIY Patchwork Quilt from Smile and Wave Here

Check out this awesome Granny Square Blanket Pattern from Ravelry Here

Check out this adorable DIY Ruffle Ruffle Ruffle Blanket from Kiki & Company Here

Check out this fun DIY Garden Blanket by Dos Family Here

Check out this cool Recycled Sweater Blanket from Sewing Secrets Here

And to conclude the round up, here is a link to my Vintage Sheet Duvet Cover Here

I am hoping to try some of these out this year! I really want to make a granny blanket, but I am having a really hard time learning how to crochet. Hoping I get it soon. To see more diy quilts and blankets you can check out my Pinterest board, DIY Ideas I love Here.

Happy Crafting!


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4 Responses

  1. Love these throws/blankets! x

  2. Learning to quilt is on my to-learn list, too. The recycled sweater blanket looks divine! Especially if I hoard old cashmere sweaters from the local thrift store until I have enough to make a blanket.

    P.S. You can NEVER have enough cozy blankets. Love them.

    • Thanks Sarah! Best of luck on your quilting adventure! I have started hoarding sweaters myself. Maybe by next year I’ll have enough. And I totally agree, you can never have too many blankets :)