Thrift Store Jewelry Box Makeover

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I absolutely love thrifting! I think it something that has always been in me. I remember using my allowance at thrift stores when I was little. Some of my favorite memories of hanging out with my grandfather are from afternoon trips to Goodwill! We could spend hours flipping through old books and records. There is a fantastic thrift store down the street from my home in Fuquay called the Guardian Angel. It is a local charity thrift store where the proceeds go to funding Alzheimer’s research. It is by far my favorite place in town! I am there all the time, and have found some amazing things from my vintage jenny lind(ish) spool bed to a few collections of vintage hazel atlas glasses. On one of my most recent trips I found this jewelry box. I wish I had taken a before picture of it. It was painted with a garden scene, and had some decals on it. It was cheesy crafty and was screaming for me to give it a makeover. So I obliged.

Here’s what you need:

*Thrift Store Jewelry Box with drawers

*Vintage Buttons

*Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

*Annie Sloan Clear Wax

*Soft Cloth and Natural Sponge

I am going to tell you, Annie Sloan chalk paint is fantastic! You don’t have to use any primer and most of the time it doesn’t require any sanding. You can find local dealers from her website Here. So, take your chalk paint color of choice, and paint your jewelry box. It usually takes about two to three coats. I did this one in two. Once your paint has dried, you are ready to wax. Lightly dip your sponge in the wax. A little goes a long way. Now rub the wax all over your jewelry chest. Let it sit for a few minutes. Now, buff the waxed box with a soft cloth. You’ll end up with a beautiful matte creamy surace. If you have knobs on your box I think adding vintage buttons gives the piece a really special look. My buttons were vintage plastic and measured around 3/4 inch each. I love the varied design on each one. To add the buttons, glue them on with some e-6000. Once your glue is dry, you are ready to load it up with your treasures.

Now I have this fantastic little jewelry box/ organizer, and it cost me a less than $10 including the buttons and paint. Not bad eh! I love how this one turned out! I may just have to go get a few more. You can never have enough storage! So next time you are at the thrift store pick one of these little boxes up! They are so fun to re-do!

Happy Crafting!

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6 Responses

  1. The buttons as drawer pulls is a genius idea! I also redid a jewelry box in a teal color:
    So pretty!

    • Thanks Jessica! Your redo is just adorable! I tried to comment on your page but it wouldn’t let me fill out the form. Not sure if it is because i’m on my phone. I’ll try again soon :)

  2. I featured your jewelry box feature in a post at SheekGeek:

  3. Fuquay-Varina? I found your site searching in Google, and what a coincidence to find someone local (I’m in Cary).