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DIY Jewelry Tree

IMG 9852 602x600 DIY Jewelry Tree

IMG 9851 600x600 DIY Jewelry Tree

IMG 9853 433x600 DIY Jewelry Tree

IMG 9856 800x479 DIY Jewelry Tree

IMG 9857 600x600 DIY Jewelry Tree

IMG 9858 600x600 DIY Jewelry Tree

A few months ago, my great Aunt Ellen past away. She was quite a lady! She was beautiful, elegant, spunky, and had a small obsession with earrings. Like all the gals in my family, Aunt Ellen was quite a shopper. My Aunt Boo recently sent me a package with a bunch of Aunt Ellen’s jewelry. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever recieved! There was a bunch of fun costume jewelry and brooches, as well as some beautiful fine jewelry. I recieved her opal ring and necklace set which is very special to me since we have the same birthdate. I wanted to make a special display for my favorite of Aunt Ellen’s necklace collection. I have a brass tree display on my vanity, but it is pretty small. So, I made my own tree display by painting some fallen tree branches with silver spray paint, and arranging them nicely in a vase. They are sturdy enough for simple necklaces and can hold quite a few. You can make your own necklace display to your own style by changing up the color of the branches and the vase they rest in. I think it is a sweet display, and I love passing by it and seeing all of Aunt Ellen’s necklaces shining up at me. It warms my heart. She was quite a gal, and I love her to bits. So Aunt Ellen, this one’s for you doll!

18 Thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Tree

  1. hello:D Nice Jewelry Tree, may i try it at home? It’s very unique.

  2. dimitra on 12 January, 2013 at 7:56 am said:

    I’m just 12 and i make it!Easy and beatiful !!!!

  3. This is just beautiful! I have some branches lying around, waiting for me to craft something with them.. this will be perfect! :)

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  13. I absolutely love this. So pretty. I’m looking for ways to display my jewelry at craft shows and this is beautiful. I may try it.

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