Free Printable Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

Today I am in the midst of the enormity that is my holiday wrapping! I have a habit of picking up little things all year long, and by the time Christmas comes along I have what feels like a million things to wrap. I had originally wanted to create a more detailed set of Christmas Tags to share with you all, but time got away from me a bit this year, so I had to do something a little simpler. I created this little set of tags for all of my amazing followers to use if they wish in their holiday wrapping! You guys are awesome, and I love sharing with you! You can cut them out using a circle punch or scissors. I used a scalloped edge circle punch that was 2″ round. The small circles are 1″ and I made it into a little garland by sandwiching a little twine between two circles and taping from the inside with double stick tape. My printer running out of ink, so my tags printed a little dull, but they would be a lot brighter if I had printed them properly(oops). Anyways, I hope you all enjoy them! To save them you can just right click and hit save as. Stay tuned for more wrapping ideas a little later on…

Happy Wrapping!

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8 Responses

  1. thank you for sharing, Merry Christmas xo

  2. These are too cute! c:

  3. Love the Christmas vintage printable. Thank you so much!

  4. These are adorable! Thank you so much.

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