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Merry & Bright

IMG 8961c copy 601x600 Merry & Bright

IMG 8929b 441x600 Merry & Bright

IMG 8950c 400x600 Merry & Bright

IMG 8956b 599x600 Merry & Bright

IMG 8975 492x600 Merry & Bright

IMG 8990 799x600 Merry & Bright

IMG 8986 400x600 Merry & Bright

Every year Daryl and I send out Christmas cards to all of our family and friends. This year Beauregard is getting his first taste of family stardom and will be gracing the front of our holiday card as his kitty bros have in the past, much to their relief i’m sure. He was a great sport, and makes a fantastic model! I could only choose one for the card, but there were so many cute ones of him and his sister Sadie, I couldn’t help but share them with you all. I’ll share the cards with you all when I get them in the mail. Happy Friday everyone!


5 Thoughts on “Merry & Bright

  1. that is one happy, relaxed doggy-dude. he is clearly used to modelling your creations…he is gorgeous!

  2. Such cute pups! I especially love the little reindeer costume.

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