12 Days of Handmade Gifts- Fun Sharpie Mugs

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Hi everyone! Welcome to day nine of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts! Handmade sharpie mugs have been circulating the web for a while now. You can find a bunch of tutorials on pinterest or google, like the ones Here, Here, Here, and Here. The method is all pretty much the same. You grab a mug draw your design or doodle and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for half an hour letting it cool in the oven.You can use sharpies or sharpie paint markers. I used the paint markers since I have used them in the past and they seem to be more permanent.

These mugs are so incredibly easy, and fun to make! They make a fabulous gift on their own, or fill them with candy or cookies for an extra special treat. They are totally customizable, and with all the fun colors you can go as wild and creative as you like. I am not great with drawing, but I think they still turned out cute. I just decorated them freestyle as I went, but I think they would look more professional if I had used a handmade stencil or transferred the design first. I hope you all go and try some yourselves, you’ll have a blast! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more holiday fun!

Happy Crafting!

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40 Responses

  1. Such a cute idea! I fell in love with the one with the monster on it 😀

  2. Are they dishwasher safe? And how long does the marker last on the dishes? These are SUPER cute!

    • Hi Cassie, I have washed them in the dishwasher once, and they were fine. They didn’t fade, and the paint didn’t come off at all. These were for gifts, so I will have to see how they hold up to future washing. My feeling is that they will hold up well, but you never know. If I notice any fading or cracking later on, I will post about it. Have a fabulous holiday!

  3. I’ve ready many reviews with people say that the Sharpie method doesn’t work? It wipes right off… I am a lil gun shy.

    • Hi Angie, my experience with the sharpie paint pens has been good. I put one through the dishwasher and it has not even faded a little. So, so far so good. That being said you can smudge the markings off before they dry and are baked, so if you do try it be careful while the paint is still drying. Best wishes!

  4. Love the mugs, was wondering if anyone knows where the paint markers are sold in Canada ( Ontario ). Thanks !!!

  5. Soniacres

    Hi, just wondering if all that is needed are sharpie pens and an oven to set!

  6. Very cool! I love your designs. I tried this and did a bit of an experiment with mine. If you are interested you can see it at:

  7. Shauna Hicks

    I LOVE the monster cup. Can’t wait to make one for my grandson. These are safe to drink and eat out of?

    • Thanks Shauna! I have heard they are non toxic, but I wouldn’t swear by it. I have been using mine for months with no problems. The ink seems to cure onto the glass when baked. They hold up just great in the dishwasher too. Hope you enjoy making them, they are so easy and fun!

  8. Carolle Perreault

    I read somewhere that you should them put in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour at 400 degrees.

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  10. Your mugs are so cute! I’ve been wanting to try this craft project for awhile. I haven’t seen Sharpie paint pens before. Can you get them at Michael’s?

    I wrote a blog post today about DIY Father’s Day gifts that kids can help make. I included your fabulous mugs. I’d love for you to take a peek:


    Best Wishes,


    • Thank you so much Crystal! I left a comment on your post. I am honored to be among such cute projects! To answer your question, you can find the sharpie paint markers at Michael’s. I have seen them at all the craft stores in my area, so I assume you should have no trouble searching some out. Let me know if you make any :) Oh and it turns out they don’t hold up terribly long in the dishwasher, so I would recommend hand washing them.

  11. DAnielle Guzman

    Just want to clarify that we write on the cups and then how long do we need to put them in the oven and at what temp? Thanks!

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  13. I love these ideas! However as some others have posted, I too have the concern of are they safe, non toxic. I went to the Sharpie webpage and found the companies answer to the question. “While Sharpie markers are AP-certified non-toxic, we do not recommend using them on areas of items that may come in contact with food or the mouth (such as the rim of a coffee cup). Sharpie markers are only recommended for use on ceramic or glassware when the product is being used for decorative or display purposes and not intended to come in contact with food or the mouth. If you intend to design a mug or a cupusing Sharpie markers and then use the mug or cup, any such designs must be at least one inch below the rim where a person’s lips could touch.” http://www.sharpie.com/enus/pages/faq.aspx#Q20

  14. hi! did you use a sealant for the mugs? And how are they now a year later? how many times have you put in the dishwasher? has the oil based paint scratched or anything? I’m going to make a lot of them and i’m hoping get as many tips as possible. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Kelly! I actually hand wash my mugs. My mom put hers in the dishwasher and after a few washes they had faded. So I would definitely suggest hand washing. A year later mine are still fine. There are a few scratched places. Hope this helps :)

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  16. Diane Dikeman

    Love love love this! ! You did an incredible job. Appreciate how easy to customize they are!

  17. I’m having troubles with the colors staying true after baking them. My oranges turn brown and my reds turn purple.

    • Oh that’s not good. Are you using a regular sharpie or a sharpie paint? I did not have an issue with mine, but I used black and metallic colors. I have heard some people have had this issue but the only suggestions I have heard are to make sure you are using the oil based sharpie paint pens. Some people suggest placing the oven on 300 and baking it longer at a lower temp. Wish I could be more help. Good luck with your mugs!

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  19. do u have to bake the mug if u use a sharpie paint to design the mug?

    • I baked mine, and I have seen a lot of opinions out there, some people do bake and have still had problems, some people don’t bake and end up with no issues. I always run my dishwasher without a heated dry and on a gentler setting since I have a lot of dishes. I haven’t had issues with my mugs, but my mom’s mug lost its paint in her dishwasher, so I would probably suggest handwashing them either way.