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Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- December 31st

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic day and getting ready to ring in the new year! My first day back to my regular schedule just happens to fall on New Years, which is perfect for my vintage filled Mondays! I could not think of a better way to celebrate than to share some fabulous vintage party finds! There are so many amazing vintage goods on Etsy, and I am really looking forward to shopping around and sharing them with you this next year. For now though, here are some of my favorite New Year’s Eve “Party” finds:

Check out these fun Vintage Tin Horn Noise Makers from Green and Brown Here

Check out this adorable Vintage New Years Paper Party Plate from Lady Linda Lou Here

Check out these cool Vintage New Year’s Party Picks- set of 24 from Boston Bag Lady Here

Check out this fun Vintage 1940’s New Year’s Paper Napkin from Passionate Kitsch Here

Check out this adorable Vintage Champagne Brooch from Brooches the Subject Here

Check out this amazing Vintage 1950’s Silk Champagne Roses Party Dress from Jumblelaya Here

Check out these beautiful 1950’s Vintage Bow Silk Heels from Paisley Face Vintage Here

Check out this pair of lovely Vintage Classic Chandelier Earrings from La Bella Pearls Here

Check out this fun lot of Vintage New Year’s Party Items from Teresa Tudor Here


Check out this sweet Vintage Hanky 1953 New Year’s Eve Commemoration from Soldier Suzanne Here

Check out this adorable Vintage 1966 Calendar Tea Towel from Neato Keen Here

Check out these cool Vintage 1950’s Mod Champagne Glasses from Michael Sparks Designs Here

Check out this fantastic Vintage Ice Bucket and Holder from Babylon Sisters Here

Check out this fun Vintage 1959 Calendar Hanky From Murdups Here

Check out these fantastic Vintage New Year’s Glasses from Tessie May Here

Aren’t they all just fabulous! I ‘d love to have all of these for a big New Year’s bash! Be sure to check out Etsy’s vintage shops for more fantastic finds! I hope you enjoy browsing through these lovely shops as much as I did! And I wish you all have a very Happy New Year!

Happy Shopping!

DIY Christmas Card Book

So today I have one last holiday project to share with you all. I am going to show you how to make a cute “book” from your holiday cards. I originally had seen the idea of making a book from holiday cards from Michelle Allen Here. I think that this is such a great way to not only keep your cards neat and organized, but you can put them out on your coffee table every holiday and enjoy them every year! I wanted to give mine a more vintage feel, so I added a cover from a vintage children’s Christmas book.

These books are so easy! All you need is your cards, a vintage book, good craft scissors, and a good hole puncher, as well as binder rings. The first thing you need to do is cut the spine off of your book. Neaten up any rough edges on the front and back cover. Decide where you want your holes to be and mark them with a pencil. Punch holes in the front cover. Then, use the holes in the cover as a template to mark the greeting cards and punch holes where marked in the cards. To finish load the back cover onto your binder rings, then load the cards, and the front cover then close the clips. And now you have a fun book to show off your holiday cards for the year.

I love my book! I love to receive cards but once they get put up they rarely get seen again. I love that by making books of them, you can look through all of your lovely cards  every year, it’s just fantastic! A big thanks to Michelle for the inspiration! I hope you all have enjoyed all the holiday fun here on my blog over the last couple of months! I am so thankful for all of your love and support! You guys are awesome! I look forward to 2013 and a whole new year of creating, decorating, and meeting new friends and artists!



Christmas Tour

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I had wanted to share some of our holiday decor with you all last week, but time got away from me. So, here is a little peek at some of my favorite Christmas decorations from my home:

I also added a few pics from my mom’s home. I practically live there too, so she ends up with a lot of my decorations.  She also has some fabulous pieces of her own, and a lovely tree!

I LOVE decorating! Don’t you! I will be in and out taking a break for the rest of the week. I’ll be starting back to my regular posting at the first of the year. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your holidays! May they be Merry & Bright!

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all are having a great Christmas, enjoying good food, and being with the ones you love most! From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Vintage Embellished Wrapping

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the day! I just finished the last of my wrapping yesterday. I love wrapping with craft paper! Of course I just had to incorporate some vintage element into the wrapping as well. Adding a little vintage touch to your gifts is so easy! You can use vintage ornaments like the vintage Christmas balls, wooden mini ornaments, or little santas. You can find these wonderful little embellishments at your local flea market, antique mall, or on the internet on Etsy or Ebay. The other thing I added this year was bits of vintage wrapping paper. It is hard to find large sheets or vintage wrapping paper, but scraps in different sizes are a lot easier to come by and still pack a lot of punch when used as an accent. It’s also fun to use vintage playing cards as gift tags. I think they are adorable, and I am proud to gift them to my loved ones every year! It warms my heart when I see the little ornament embellishments from presents past hanging on my families trees. I take a lot of care into wrapping for my family because they are special, and it’s just another way to let them know I love them! I hope my wrapping has inspired some of you to try a few vintage accents on your last-minute wrapping, or maybe for next year!  Happy Christmas!

Free Printable Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

Today I am in the midst of the enormity that is my holiday wrapping! I have a habit of picking up little things all year long, and by the time Christmas comes along I have what feels like a million things to wrap. I had originally wanted to create a more detailed set of Christmas Tags to share with you all, but time got away from me a bit this year, so I had to do something a little simpler. I created this little set of tags for all of my amazing followers to use if they wish in their holiday wrapping! You guys are awesome, and I love sharing with you! You can cut them out using a circle punch or scissors. I used a scalloped edge circle punch that was 2″ round. The small circles are 1″ and I made it into a little garland by sandwiching a little twine between two circles and taping from the inside with double stick tape. My printer running out of ink, so my tags printed a little dull, but they would be a lot brighter if I had printed them properly(oops). Anyways, I hope you all enjoy them! To save them you can just right click and hit save as. Stay tuned for more wrapping ideas a little later on…

Happy Wrapping!

DIY Recycled Sweater Wrapping

Hi Everybody! I have a fun gift wrapping idea to share with you all today that you can make with old sweaters. I see sweaters all the time at the thrift store that have sweet patterns, like this fun fair isle sweater from the gap. All you need are the sleeves, a sweing machine, some ribbon, and a jar. First lay your sleeve on your jar and decide where you want to cut it, remember to leave a 1/2 inch for stitching the bottom up. Turn the cut sleeve inside out and stitch the bottom up. Turn right side out, slide your bottle into the pouch and tie the top with a tag and a ribbon. This is so easy to make and it’s really cute and different from the typical holiday wrapping! And you get to recycle, doesn’t get much better than that! Be sure to tune in Monday for more holiday wrapping! Have a wonderful weekend!

DIY Gift Card Bear

Christmas is only a week away, and I am getting so excited! This week I will be sharing a few wrapping tutorials with you. Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays! Today I have a special wrapping treat for you, a gift card bear. I love giving gifts, and I know that a lot of people love nothing more than a gift card. And even though I love gift cards myself, when giving them I always feel that they are rather obvious when stuck in one of those little envelopes, so I decided this year to make a little bear with a pocket on it’s belly large enough to hold a gift card. I think it makes the gift giving and receiving experience even better! A gift in itself with a surprize inside!

Here’s What You Need:

*Fleece or Minky Fabric(1/4 yard)

*Fabric for the belly and ear accents(scraps)

*Embroidery Floss


*Doll Eyes and nose


*Pattern (below)


First cut out all of your pieces. Now take the front of the bear and lay the felt face piece in the middle of the head area then stitch around the face. Now mark where you want the eyes and the nose. Cut small slits in the face where marked and insert the eyes and nose into the front. Then push the plastic washers onto the back of the plastic features to tighten down the nose and eyes. Draw in a mouth and use a back stitch with your embroidery floss by hand to sew the mouth.  Now, with your machine set to a small zigzag stitch, stitch down the ear accent pieces to the front ear pieces. Then, put the ear front and ear back pieces together with right sides facing and stitch around the outside leaving the bottom open for turning. Turn out the ears, pin right sides down and inwards toward the face on the front body piece and staystitch down 1/8 inch from the edge of the head. Now, take the pouch pieces right sides together and stitch the top seam. Open up turn so that wrong sides are together and press pouch, then top stitch along the top of the pouch piece. Sandwich the pouch piece between the front and back body pieces. Pin the bear all the way around, and stitch around the bear with a 1/4″ seam allowance leaving a few inches for turning at one side. Clip corners and turn right side out. Stuff your bear with fiber fill and use a ladder stitch to close up the opening. And that’s it, pretty easy right!  Now you have an adorable gift card holder!

I love this little bear gift card holder! She is really sweet and festive! This is a great way to add a little extra to your gift card gifts this year for kids or stuffed animal lovers. You can customize them however you like with different colors, textures, and patterns. They are very soft and cuddly, sure to bring a smile to the face! This bear took me about a half hour to an hour to make, and the materials I had on hand. If I had to buy the supplies I think it would still cost less than $10 to make. I hope some of you will try this one out! It’s so easy and so fun to make! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more fun wrapping ideas and tutorials!

Happy Crafting!

Blogging Day of Silence

I’m stepping away from the blog today for a day of silence for the tragedy that happened in Connecticut this past Friday and to honor the beautiful lives cut too short. Please join me today in remembering, praying for the families affected by this terrible event, and being especially grateful for all those we hold dear.

12 Days of Handmade Gifts- Beaded Velvet Hairbands

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my 12th and final day of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts! Today I am going to show you how to make these sweet Anthropologie inspired hairbands for all your gals. They whip up really quickly, and all you need is velvet elastic trim, and Pandora style beads.


So, start by wrapping one end of the elastic trim about one to one and a half times around your wrist depending on how big you want your hairband. I have thick hair, so I did 1.5 times. Cut your trim where you stopped wrapping around your wrist. Then string a bead onto your length of trim. Fold the trim in half and wrap the ends around your fingers and tie in a knot. Clip the loose ends at an angle, and that’s it, you’re done.

You can make a whole heck of a lot of these in just an hour. They are really inexpensive. You can get several bands out of just a yard. The beads I bought at AC Moore on sale for about .50 a bead, and the velvet trim was $3 for 3 yards at Star Jewels on Etsy Here. These bands are less than a dollar a piece to make, and when you compare them to the ones at anthropologie that are $24 for a small pack of five or six, that’s a lot of dough to save. Don’t get me wrong, I just adore Anthropologie, and most things you buy there are worth the price because they are unique and great quality. However, when you can make it pretty much the same, really easily, and at a fraction of the cost, why not? These hairbands look so sweet in your hair, but also look really cute stacked as bracelets on your wrist. I totally love them, and I think the gals in my family will too! I hope some of you try these out as gifts, or for yourself. It’s a lot of fun! Be sure to tune in next week for fun holiday wrapping ideas! Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Crafting!

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