12 Days of Handmade Gifts- Vintage Feedsack Chalkboard Lockets

Hi everybody! Welcome to day 1 of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts. For the next twelve weekdays I will be featuring a new DIY gift for you to make for just about everyone on your list. Today I am going to show you how to make these fun little lockets for your favorite gals. It’s really easy!

Here’s What You Need:

*Locket with Round Setting (find them Here)

*Fabric covered button kit 3/4″ size with setting tool

*Scrap fabric in a small print (I used vintage feedsack scraps, you can find them on ebay or etsy has some at Pink Cozy Cottage Here)


*Black chalkboard paint

*Pictures cut to 7/8″ round


*Beads, charms, etc…

Step 1: Make your button- There is a template for the size circle you need to cut on the box of your button kit. Use this template to cut out your circle to size. Lay your fabric circle face down on the rubber round tool. Lay your top piece of your button facing down onto the fabric and press down until the button top is pressed into the rubber mold and the fabric should be even sticking out of the mold. Fold your excess fabric to the inside of the button top. Then cover the fabric with the button bottom shank side up. Place the blue plastic cap on top of the button bottom and press down into the mold until you feel the button click. Now remove the button from the mold. Now you have a fantastic button for your locket.

Step 2: Finish out the locket pendant- With jewelry pliers, fold down the shank of the button until it is up inside the button so it will lay flat. Put a generous amount of E6000 onto the back of the button and glue down into the setting of your locket. Let the glue dry. Once the glue is dry, paint one of the inside sides with chalkboard paint. The paint I have is from the craft store. You paint it on in coats, letting dry for an hour in between. I did three coats on mine.

Step 3: Make locket into necklace- Embellish the top of your locket with a few charms or beads. I used vintage lucite flower beads and stacked beads on headpins for my embellishment. Load your locket, beads, and chain onto a jump ring and close up. I used tiny silver ball chain from Sun and Moon Craft Kits, but you can use any kind of chain you like. Finish your chain and you are done. Et Viola!

I just adore these little lockets! They are totally customizable to your taste and style. All you have to do is change up the fabric, and beads. I love putting chalkboard paint on the inside! It is perfect for writing a tiny message! They are really easy to make too, and pretty inexpensive. But the thing I love the most about these lockets is that they are a sweet and substantial gift that is very heartfelt! So go ahead and make one for all of your favorite gals, and don’t forget to make one for yourself too! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another handmade gift DIY!

Happy Crafting!

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17 Responses

  1. these are adorable, I want to give my daughter a locket for christmas but I haven’t found any I like as much as these thank you!

  2. These are wonderfully fun! I would love to make one but I am not able to use the link to the lockets. Thanks for sharing this project!

  3. The link to where you bought the lockets is missing. Can you tell me where to buy them. I love this idea and have several teen girls in my family who would adore getting this for Christmas.

  4. Where did you say you could get the lockets? The link isn’t working for me :/

  5. aww – cuteness overload! I love these necklaces! I make fabric buttons myself but never used them for jewelry- thanks for the idea!

  6. LOVE! I want to make them but the link to the lockets doesnt have lockets? Pinning anyhow!

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  8. It looks like perhaps you used a chalk marker of some sort and not actual chalk? Made a similar locket…super cute but the chalk permanently scratches the surface.

    • Yes, I always use chalk markers cause I like the smooth look of them. My sister has used chalk on hers. I will have to ask her if hers has scratched. I would suggest maybe painting on more layers, or roughing up the surface of the metal before you paint.

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