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Holiday Gift Guide 2012- Handmade Gifts for Gals

Hi everybody! It’s Wednesday again, and it’s time for another holiday gift guide! This week I am showing off some of my favorite gift ideas for the gals in your life. Today’s guide features handmade gifts for gals from the wonderful world of Etsy.  I absolutely love buying handmade gifts! They are usually much better made, and a lot more unique than what you can find at the mall. Etsy is full of amazing handmade things, I had such a hard time narrowing my list down to just 20! Here are some of my favorites:

Check out these sweet Silver Initial Necklaces from Fiore Jewellery Here

Check out this awesome “I Party with Jay Gatsby” Tote Bag from Silks and Screens Here

Check out this amazing Customizable Flying Airplane with Banner Locket from Khara Ledonne Here

Check out this beautiful Hand Knit Chunky Teal Blue Infinity Scarf from Blue Birds Fly Boutique Here

Check out this adorable Jaunty Animals 2013 Calendar from Hello Small World Here

Check out this fun “I Love You” Messege in a Bottle Necklace from Faerie Nest Here

Check out this funky Monster Coin Purse in Neon Colorblock from Woolly Mammoth Design Here

Check out this fabulous “Off to See the World” Pillow Cover from Three Red Apples Here

Check out these cool CHOOSE YOUR OWN – 1 teeny fabric stacking ring from Shop Marmalade Here

Check out this fun Meet the Gang small clutch / Coin purse from Cute Fairy Bear Here

Check out this sweet Knit Bow Ring Light Blue from Sheepish Knit Crochet Here

Check out this fantastic Bear, Bunny, Bird Pocket Notebook Three Pack from The Black Apple Here

Check out these lovely Hand Knit Boot Cuffs from Ozetta Here

Check out this fantastic So Loved – Large Format Print from The Wheatfield Here

Check out this amazing Paris Wood Wall Clock from I Luxo Here

Check out this sweet Forest Animal Deer Trinket Box Vintage Design in White from Fruit Fly Pie Here

Check out this awesome The Cat that Dreamt of the Moon Necklace from Tilly Bloom Here

Check out this fantastic Such a cool cat – limited edition giclee print of an original illustration (8 x 10 in) from Helen Dardik Here

Check out this lovely Little Star Gazing Bunny Pendant from Sarah Birt Jewellery Here

Check out this fun Fox Stole Scarf from Cheshire Cat’s Madness Here

And there you have it! Aren’t they all just fabulous! I would love to have any of these lovely items under my tree! I hope I have given some of you some great gift ideas for your favorite gals! You can see more items including some of my favorites from Modcloth and Anthropologie on my Holiday Gift Guide on Pinterest Here. Be sure to tune in Friday for part two of my Gifts for Gals!

Happy Shopping!

DIY Double Sided Lighted Tree Topper

When I took out all of my holiday decorations this year, I noticed that my tree topper was a bit worse for wear. So, I decided to try making a new one. This topper is really pretty easy to make and not only is it lighted, but double sided as well. One side is painted with chalkboard paint so you can easily change the design whenever you feel like it. The other side is painted with a decoupaged christmas card santa for a little extra style. This topper works up pretty easy. You can make one in just a few hours.

Here’s What You Need:



*Drill and bit the same size as your wire

*Copper Wire #6 (1-2 feet)

*Flat jaw pliers

*Spray Paint

*Craft Paint, Chalk paint, etc

*Led battery operated lights


*Glue Gun

*Craft glue or modge podge


First draw your star shape onto your plywood. Carefully cut out the shape with the jigsaw. Sand any rough spots with sandpaper. Drill a hole in the bottom of your star to insert the wire. Now bend your wire at a right angle 3 to 4 inches down from the top. Then bend another right angle about an inch down. Place on top of a bottle and start wrapping it around the neck of your bottle. You may need to use pliers. Use flat jawed pliers with no teeth so it doesn’t mar the wire. Once your wire is formed into a spring shape spray paint it in your desired color. A few light coats works best. Set aside to dry. Next, paint your star with craft paint on one side and chalkboard paint on the other side. Paint your sides the same color as your tinsel. Once your paint is dry glue your cut out holiday card to the craft painted side of your star with craft glue or modge podge. Now you are ready to add your lights. First insert your wire into the bottom of your star. Snake the light strand up through the coil, leaving several inches for the battery box to hang down below the coil. Now, start at the base where your wire is and place a dab of hot glue onto the wood, press your light strand into the glue. Go around the star glueing every couple of inches until you have your whole strand glued down to the outside of your star. Now go back around the star with your tinsel, glueing over the light strand. Once you have covered your lights with tinsel you are done. Top your tree and watch it sparkle!

I love how my little topper turned out! It was a lot of fun to make! You could customize your topper any way you like by changing up the paint and tinsel colors and embellishments. Make it your own style! Overall this is a great holiday project to deck out your tree! This is my last holiday decorating DIY this season. Tomorrow I will start a series of hand made gifts you can make for your family and friends. Be sure to tune in for day one of my 12 days of handmade gifts! Until then…

Happy Crafting!


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