DIY Retro Tinsel Christmas Wreathes

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Today I have a super kitschy and adorable project to share with you, retro tinsel wreathes. These little wreathes are a snap to make and so flippin’ cute! I love that they are just as cute unlighted as they are turned on! It’s a great way to show off awesome vintage christmas tchotchkes like plastic deer or knee hugger elves! This craft is so easy and totally customizable depending on the lights, tinsel colors and adornment you have.

You only need  few supplies to make a wreath. You need a wire wreath form, a few packs of tinsel in your choice of color, christmas lights, adornment and hot glue. For the large wreath I started by wrapping tinsel, looping it around my form until it was nice and full looking. Hot glue the ends in place. For the lights I used large christmas bulbs around the outer edge. Place a bit of hot glue inside the clip on your lightbulb and clip it to the top wire on your wreath. Add a bit more glue to hold it in place and continue every inch or so with each bulb all the way around the wreath. If you are nervous about spacing, clip the lights to the wreath first and then go back around and glue them. When you are done with your lights, hot glue your figure the inside bottom of your wreath and once it is dry you are ready to hang. For the small wreath, I wrapped a 50 bulb strand around my form all the way around, then I wrapped my tinsel around the form and hot glued the ends down. Then I glued the elf to the bottom. See how easy they are!

I made both of these wreathes in less than an hour. They are so fast to make up and so fun! I had a blast making mine, and they look fantastic at night when lit up! You can hang them on your front door, hang them in windows, or even on a wall for a fun holiday statement piece! I just adore these little guys! I hope I have inspired you to try one of these for yourself! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more Christmas fun!

Happy Crafting!


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8 Responses

  1. I have a handful of vintage ornaments similar to what you’ve used. what a cute way to put them on display. i love the lights, too!! where do you find the time?!

  2. I have a bag full of tinsel collecting dust in the attic and now I know what to do with it. Thanks!

  3. I know this is an older post but I just came across them via Pinterest. I love these wreaths and want to try to make one. For the smaller wreath you say you wrapped the lights first do they still show well once a tinsel is on top of them? Also for hanging on the door do you use battery operated lights?

    • Thank you Sandra! The mini lights are still very visible, and you can poke some through in places if you feel like they are being hidden too much. I used the plug kind, but I would think if you are hanging your wreath battery operated mini lights would be the way to go. They are usually shorter strands than a strand of regular mini lights so you may want to wrap a couple of battery operated strands instead of just one.