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Vintage Tablecloth Christmas Stockings

Hi everyone! Today I have a really fun craft for repurposing your spotty vintage tablecloths. I am going to show you how to make Christmas stockings! I am head over heels for vintage linens, tablecloths being my favorite! A lot of times I find tablecloths at a great deal because they have several stains or small holes. These are fabulous for crafting! I found a couple of vintage Christmas tablecloths from Molly, my favorite vendor at the Raleigh Flea. They were both in good shape color-wise but they did have quite a few yellow spots on them and I knew that they’d be perfect to make christmas stockings with this year! If you are handy with a sewing machine you can whip one up really fast too. I’m not a fast sewer and it still only took me around an hour to make these three.

Here’s what you need:


*Flannel Fabric for lining


*Pattern (you can use mine which is medium and skinny or search around the web, there’s a lot out there)

*Sewing machine, thread and scissors

┬áCut out your pattern, then trace the pattern to your fabric cutting two of the shell and two of the lining. Cut out your pattern pieces. Stitch a loop of ricrace facing in towards the middle of the stocking about 4″ down the side seam of one of your pattern pieces. With right sides together sew the outer stocking and the lining pieces around the sides and bottom leaving the top open. Notch corners, turn right sides out and iron. Stitch the ricrac trim to the top of your outer stocking at the top. Now, stuff your shell into the lining piece right sides facing each other, matching the tops together. Stitch around the top leaving an inch or so unsewn for turning. Turn stocking out and stuff the lining into the stocking. Smooth out and iron. Top stitch around the top edge of your stocking closing up the turning gap. Fold the top of the stocking down a little to make the cuff. Now you are ready to hang and enjoy.

I love how these stockings turned out! The tablecloth fabric is fantastic and totally my style! I made one for myself, my hubby, and my sister. And yes, we are totally using these this Christmas morning, I can’t wait! I love how easy these are to make as well, and you can embellish them any way you like with different trims and buttons. My stockings are fun and retro, but if you are into a shabby cottage look you can use sweet floral tablecloths in those old beautiful soft colors. There are so many ways you can style these to your own. They are so much better than commercial stockings. I know I’ll treasure them for years to come! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a fun and retro Christmas DIY!

Happy Crafting!


Holiday Gift Guide 2012- Gifts for Kids

Hello everyone! It’s time for my next holiday gift guide! This one is for all the kiddos out there. All of my picks are handmade and from wonderful Etsy shops! I am a big advocate for buying hand made whenever you can. The quality is better, you get a mor unique product, and you are supporting artists who pour their hearts into their work. I don’t have any little ones to buy for, but I love looking through children’s toys and plushies, they are so fun! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for your little ones:

I am a huge stuffed animal lover so a lot of my picks are plush. Take a look at my faves:

Check out this fantastic Alix the reindeer plush toy rattle from Bling France Here

Check out this adorable Plush Named Marins from Tulinki Here

Check out these fabulous mini rag doll plushies from Jess Quinn Small Art Here

Check out this funky Red Fox Plush from To Tootse Here

Check out this sweet Penny the Polar Bear Plush from Patty Dear Here

Check out this fantastic Alphonze the Llama from Toxic Noodle Here

Check out this adorable Hugo the Dog Lambswool Plush from Sara Carr Here

Check out these sweet little Mini Plush Wee Owlies from KraKra Craft Here

Here are some of my other favorite toys for children:

Check out these awesome All Natural Kitty Egg Crayons from Kitty Baby Love Here

Check out this Wooden Ninja Toy Skittles Game from Indie Bambinos Here

Check out this awesome City Wood Blocks and Puzzle from Fidoodle Here

Check out this Make a Match Toddler – Zoo Edition from Mama May I Here

Check out this sweet Kid’s Lace Ruffle Play Tent from Teepee and Play Tent Here

Check out this fun Doorway Puppet Theater from Striped Coast Here

Check out this funky Superhero Tutu Costume from Jessica Kertel Here

Aren’t they all just fantastic! I love them! Obviously I am smitten with all of the plushies! I love the wooden toys and the cool kitty crayons too! Go check out these fabulous Etsy shops and see all the amazing goodies you can get for your little ones this year! Be sure to tune in next week for my next Holiday Gift Guide. Until then darlings…

Happy Shopping!


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