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Thanksgiving Word Search Place Cards

Today we are going to take a little break from Christmas, and I’m going to share a fun project for Thanksgiving. I recently saw a paper tablecloth for children that had a bunch of thanksgiving fun on it including word searches and places to color your own turkey. I thought this was so cute, but wouldn’t it be nice if adults could join in the fun at their table, and maintain the style and elegance we all love with our Thanksgiving table decor. I found this fun website, Armored Penguin, that lets you create your own word search puzzles. You can find them Here. So, I made place cards for our Thanksgiving table with an elegant word search.

At Armored Penguin you can put in the words you like for your puzzle, and then most of the other settings are pretty much already selected for you. I used 1 as my puzzle font size and -1 as my word list font size. When you put your words in include a name. Once you make your custom puzzle you can save a pdf of it and then you can find it back under the my puzzles tab on the site. Under the my puzzles tab you can edit it, and change the person’s name. I had five people at our dinner table, so I went back and edited the puzzle to each person’s name and saved all of the individually named puzzles. However, you could make a puzzle that included everyone’s name on it and circle one of the names on each card, leaving the others under the word search for them to find. Once you have your puzzle(s) saved, open them up in your photo editing program and crop them down to 4.5 inches wide, cropping to just the puzzle and word list. Save and open my template and then drag your puzzle into the template and print them out. Once printed circle the name of each guest on each puzzle. Add to your table decor along with a pencil for solving the puzzle.

I really love how these turned out! They are going to be a wonderful addition to my Thanksgiving table this year! I hope some of you decide to try this one out yourselves! It sounds complicated, but it really is pretty darn easy! And it is such a fun activity for your family too! You can pick all of your own words for the puzzle too, so it is really customizable. Even if you don’t make these for thanksgiving, go check out Armored Penguin and make your own themed word search puzzle. It’s so fun! You won’t regret it! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am headed up to the mountains with family for the long weekend, and i’ll be sure to post sometime this weekend about our trip. I still have Christmas posts scheduled so be sure to tune in tomorrow and friday for more holiday tutorials!

Happy Crafting!


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