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DIY Vintage Christmas Card Bowl

Hi everybody! Today I have a super fun and retro craft for you, Christmas Card Bowls. I recently saw one of these at an antique mall, and it was so cute! I googled around and found several vintage bowls made from different cards for different occasions. I have a ton of vintage greeting cards at home, so naturally I just had to try it out and make one for myself. This is so nostalgic and it is a great way to preserve your favorite greeting cards! It’s really easy too, just a lot of hand stitching. It took me a few hours over a couple of nights of watching tv before bed with the hubby. I was so happy to see it come together!

Greeting card bowls are really simple to make. First you cut out all your card pieces with the template below. Next you glue all your pieces together with craft glue or rubber cement. Then you blanket stitch around the edge with embroidery floss, and finally stitch the wall pieces to the bottom and then the sides together. I found a fantastic template at Here. They also have a tutorial on how to crochet a greeting card bowl. I may have to try that one next time.

I really enjoyed making my little bowl! I just love the way it turned out! You could make these in different sizes as well if you enlarge or reduce the pattern. I would love to make one using birthday cards, or anniversary cards. I think it would be so cute! How could you not love something made with vintage cards, they’re so fantastic! I hope you enjoy this fun and simple little retro craft! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a Thanksgiving DIY!

Happy Crafting!

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