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Christmas Hanky Buntings

IMG 7470 800x399 Christmas Hanky Buntings

IMG 7469 600x600 Christmas Hanky Buntings

As I’m sure most of you know already I am nuts over both vintage hankies and buntings! I did a post earlier this summer that was a hanky bunting. If you have hankies you love but don’t want to cut, you can fold them in half diagonally and tie them together to form a sweet bunting that is just perfect for hanging over a bed. Last Christmas I made another bunting from old hankies too. It turned out to be so sweet I just had to share it with you. I don’t have a photo tutorial, but I will explain my process below. If you like to embroider, you would have so much fun making one of your own!

IMG 7473 800x388 Christmas Hanky Buntings

IMG 7472 696x600 Christmas Hanky Buntings

So, the first thing I did was choose white hankies that were in good shape. I embroidered a letter on each corner to spell “joy.” You could spell out any word you like you just need to have enough hankies corners to do so. I also used a vintage christmas bell hanky that had some spots in the middle, and an embroidered hanky. Next you want to cut your hankies. Fold each corner into the middle so you have a squarish shape and the corners meet in the center. Cut the hanky corners up the straight edge so you end up with four triangle like shapes and a center piece you can keep or toss. Now, lay out your triangles the way you like. I used one printed triangle and one embroidered design triangle on each side of my white embroidered word. Then I took some extra strength stitch witchery and pressed it in between the top of the hanky triangles and some cute ribbon and ironed it. You can then add buttons or a cute running stitch along the ribbon. Pretty easy right!

IMG 7474 598x600 Christmas Hanky Buntings

IMG 8540 600x600 Christmas Hanky Buntings

IMG 8541 600x600 Christmas Hanky Buntings I just adore these hanky buntings! It’s a great way to use vintage handkerchiefs! I love how versatile they are! And they really add a sweetness to your decor. These would make sweet gifts as well. Overall a really simple and fun DIY for your favorite space.

Happy Crafting!

3 Thoughts on “Christmas Hanky Buntings

  1. Great idea. I have all these hankies that I didn’t know what to do with, now I do. Thanks
    Chris =]

  2. Love it that you didn’t cut the hankies! :-)

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