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Fun and Fabulous Snow-Family

IMG 7397 599x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7400 800x436 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7413 601x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7402 599x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

Today I have a special holiday craft project to share with you! My mom and I have been working together on these little snow people. We had so much fun working on the Halloween ghosts and heads that we decided to do some Christmas snowmen. We covered styrofoam balls in air dry clay. Once the clay dried we painted them and then added glitter with some beautiful fine snowy glitter and modge podge. I poked holes in the body with a nail to insert the arms attach the balls together with toothpicks. To get them to stand up we painted a board white and drilled holes for small dowels that were about 3″ long to push into the bottom of the snowmen to hold them up sturdy. I added buttons and felt accents to a couple and made little scarves out of yarn and tinsel for the others. The little bow tie was really easy to make. You just cut a small rectangle, scrunch the middle and glue a piece of skinny felt around the center. The greatest thing about this craft is that it is so customizable to your style. Just play around and have fun with it. The basics are just molding the clay over the balls and adding your own style with paint, glitter, and accessories. If you’d like a similar and more detailed diy, check out my Halloween ghosts Here.

IMG 7404 600x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7406 419x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7407 288x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7408 293x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

IMG 7409 401x600 Fun and Fabulous Snow Family

These make such a fantastic centerpiece for any table or shelf! I am just in love with how these little guys turned out! I think my favorite is the little gal in the front with the scarf. This is a fabulous craft to do with a friend or loved one! My mom and I just had a blast making them together! I know they will be a treasured piece for the upcoming holidays and for many years to come! I hope you all enjoyed our little snow people and I hope we’ve inspired you to try some yourself! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more holiday DIY’s!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. love them! they have a sort of tim burton-esque aesthetic! so expressive and with a knowing smile!

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