DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks

Here’s a really fun home made way to get revved up for the upcoming holiday, Christmas Countdown Blocks. These little blocks are fun and totally customizable. I have included a free printable if you’d like to make my version of them. These are so easy to make, and fun too! I made my base large enough to add some cute ceramic figures to the group. I love my little santas that I found at the flea market last weekend, so cute!

Here’s What You Need:

*4 Wood Blocks

*1×4 wood ( I used a scrap mdf piece) You can also use a wood plaque from the craft store


*Modge Podge

*Printable squares(below) or scrapbook paper and stickers

First you want to paint your blocks and your platform in the colors you wish. Set aside your blocks to dry and cut out your squares for your blocks. My printable is for blocks that 1.75″ cubed. If you are using scrapbook paper cut the paper slightly smaller than your blocks. Next you are ready to modge podge the squares onto your blocks. Paint a layer of modge podge onto your block and smooth the paper square onto the block, repeat with all squares. You want to make sure you lay out your blocks so you have the right combo of numbers. Two blocks should have numbers 0,1,& 2. And the other two blocks should have your “days till christmas” square. Fill in the other numbers and pictures where you wish. Once your squares are dry and secure onto the blocks you can seal them in with more modge podge or another varnish. If using scrapbook paper add your stickers. Now stack your blocks and start counting down the days until Christmas.

I think these blocks are really fun! And you don’t have to make them just for Christmas. You can make countdown blocks for any holiday, birthday, wedding. Have fun with it! I hope I have inspired you all to make this little countdown calendar, they are a big hit in my house! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more holiday fun!

Happy Crafting!


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4 Responses

  1. You may turn a non-crafter into one yet with your incredibly creative ideas! Tweeting this too!

  2. I totaly love your blog! So happy I found it :) You make the most beautiful and creative stuff – it´s so inspiring!