DIY Haunted House Bell Jar

Hello everyone! Welcome to day 6 of my 13 Days of Halloween! Today I have something super fun to make, a mini haunted house bell jar. I love bell jars! Sometimes they can be hard to find, or really pricey. I was at the thrift store the other day and found an old plastic clock in a glass dome, and thought it might work for a bell jar. All you have to do is remove the clock. And at three dollars for the clock, it’s a great substitute!

Here’s What You Need:


*Exacto knife and self healing mat


*Modge Podge


*Old domed glass clock

*Styrofoam Ball



*Hot Glue

*Little Branch


*Spray Paint

Step 1: Form House- Print out template for the house. Cut out the template. I used an exacto to cut out the door and windows. Fold the tabs on the front and back and roof lines. Glue the front and back to the sides, and then glue on the roof. You can use black cardstock, or if you don’t have any like me, you can paint the cardstock black.

Step 2: Glitter House- Starting on one side of the house, paint a layer of modge podge onto the cardstock. Sprinkle the glitter over the wet glue, and then tap off. Repeat with the rest of the house.

Step 3: Make Hill- First cut your styrofoam ball in half so you have a small dome. Next, glue moss to the dome little bits at a time until you have covered your dome and there are no bald or thin spots. Then, take your painted little branch and insert it into the foam. Then glue the house on top of the hill.

Step 4: Finish Bell Jar- Remove the clock from the base. I cut the clips off with a dremel from the underside. Spray paint the base. When the paint is completely dry, place the hill with your house on top of the base and cover with the glass domed lid. And that’s it. Pretty easy right!

I really love how this little house turned out! It was really easy to make and it cost me around $10 for all of the supplies. I think it adds a spooky and cute vibe to the fireplace mantel. I am already on the lookout for more glass clocks to make some christmas themed domes. I hope you all enjoyed my DIY, and I hope I have inspired some of you to go out and make your own. Tune in tomorrow for more fun Halloween crafts! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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4 Responses

  1. i want a domed clock now….the project is super spooky and totally cute! love this!!

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