13 Days of Halloween- Funky Halloween Heads

Hiya everyone! Welcome to day 2 of my 13 Days of Halloween! Today our DIY comes from one of my favorite craft buddies, my mom. The other day I was making some fun little ghosts figures for the mantel and my mom decided to join me and make some fun Halloween heads. They turned out so flippin cute, I just had to share them with you! I don’t have a full picture tutorial, but I was able to snap a few pics for guidelines. Check it out:

Here’s What You Need:

*Wooden Blocks

*Wooden Dowel


*Styrofoam Balls

*Model Air Clay


 Check out my tutorial tomorrow for step by step instructions on how to make my ghosts. My mom used the same basic principle, but she added other features to hers since she was doing a cat and a pumpkin too. To give them a little more character she added cheeks and a cone shaped nose for her pumpkin, and ears and a fantastic mouth to her cat. And they all had the sunken eyes like my ghosts. You make separate features out of clay like noses and ears and then attach them to your head. You can also give sunken features to your head easily by building up your head with clay, and then pressing your thumb in to make sunken eyes or a fantastic primitive mouth. Then once the clay dries you can paint them how you like, and mount your heads onto the dowels.

Didn’t they turn out so cute! There are so many ways to customize your own, and I think that is what makes this such a fun and fantastic project! This is also a great craft to do with family or friends, and it’s kid friendly and budget friendly too. I love how these are like cute versions of shrunken heads! They are one of my new favorite Halloween items! Too cute! Hope you all are inspired now to go out and make your own!

Hapy Crafting!


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  1. those are very cute!!