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DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

IMG 3225 copy 530x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

IMG 3232 599x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

IMG 3236 600x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

IMG 3240 600x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace A while back I had seen a necklace at Anthropologie that I fell head over heels for! It was beautiful and adorable, two of my favorite things. It was also over $500, and I’m sure it was worth every penny as it was beautifully crafted, but I was never going to be able to afford it. So, I decided to make a knockoff one. I found this lace trim at one of my favorite fabric stores in town and really loved the pattern of it. I think it looks sweet, but I also think a piece of vintage lace would be divine as well. This necklace is obviously not quite as spectacular as the original, but to me it’s still pretty awesome!

Here’s What You Need:

*Lace- I had 1/2 yard and didn’t use all of it

*Rhinestone Trim

*Velvet Ribbon 1/4″ wide 1.5 yards

*Chain (make sure you will be able to snake your ribbon through it)

*Jump Rings

*Two toggle clasps or o-rings

*Jewelry Pliers

*Glue (I used hot glue)

DSC 0136 507x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

Step 1: Lace Ribbon through Chain- Cut two chain pieces at around 7-8″ long. Lace ribbon through chain over and under the links. Leave enough ribbon when you get to the end of the chain to turn under and glue later. On the opposite end leave a tail about 3-4″ long for tying your center bow, then snip off end of ribbon. Repeat with other piece of chain.

DSC 0137 724x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

DSC 0139 800x449 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace Step 2: Add Rhinestones and lace- Cut two lengths of rhinestone chain and lace the same length as your large chain. Attach rhinestone chain to larger chain with jump rings at every link or so. Then go back and open up jump rings again and add lace to to the other side of the rhinestone chain, so that the rhinestone chain is sandwiched in the jump rings between the large chain and the lace trim. Repeat with other side making sure you are attaching everything in the right direction.

DSC 0140 758x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

DSC 0142 603x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

Step 3: Finish off the main necklace component- Carefully tie the two long strips of ribbon from the front of the chain in a neat little bow. Then, grab some glue and put a dab onto the back short end of ribbon from the end of the chain pieces. Turn under ribbon to the backside and glue down.

DSC 0143 262x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

DSC 0144 800x565 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace Step 4: Attach Back Piece- Attach the round piece of a toggle clasp to the end of the chain end on each chain. Take the remainder of your velvet ribbon and cut it in half. Take one ribbon piece and loop it through your round piece matching the tips of ribbon, then loop and tie off so that you have a knot on the ring and two tails of ribbon. Repeat with other side. And you are done! It’s ready to wear!

This is the original:



IMG 2563 598x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace

IMG 2564 600x600 DIY Shabby and Sweet Lace Necklace I really like how it turned out! The thing I like the most about this necklace is that it is really sweet and can be dressed up for a more formal look with a dress, or you can wear it with jeans and a sweet tee. It is a little time-consuming, but pretty easy ,and well worth it. And I think when all was said and done I spent less than $30 on all the supplies to make it. This would make a fabulous gift for your girlfriends for the holidays as well! Overall a fun, sweet, and shabby chic DIY!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. it’s lovely, thank you for sharing with us. I hope you will link this post to the hop today xo

  2. Un collar precioso, gracias por el tuto.

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  6. This necklace is adorable! Great job! I have to try that myself one day.
    Just found your blog on bloglovin – and love it!
    I just started my own, in case you want to check it out as well:


  7. Katrina on 20 December, 2012 at 1:23 pm said:

    I made this for my sister for christmas but my sister has more of a gothic style to i made it all black and added a pendent, i have a photo of it, i wish i could post on here so people can see a different variation. Anyways, I loved this DIY thanks!! :D

  8. Hey there,

    So I pinned the collar I made, not sure if I tagged you right. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Hi there! I adore this! Would you be willing to share your sources for the supplies? In particular, I’d LOVE to find that exact eyelet trim. Thanks so much in advance. :)

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  13. What a great project! I’ve featured this in a DIY anthro jewelry knock-off round-up on my blog today! Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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